Windows 10 RS2 Version 1703 Build 15063 "Creators Update" Now Available

The Windows 10 Media Creation Tool has been updated to give installation .isos to the newest mainstream build of Windows 10 build 15063.

This is also known as version 1703 (March 2017) or the Creators Update.

The Media Creation Tool may be found on Microsoft's website: 

Multi-Edition Installation .iso

  • The Windows 10 .iso and Windows 10 Single Language .iso are the same multi-Edition .iso which incorporate: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home Single Language and Windows 10 Education.

  • The European Commission Windows 10N .iso incorporates Windows 10 HomeN, Windows 10 ProN and Windows 10 EducationN. There is no Windows 10 Home Single LanguageN as the European Commission has no Single Language. The N Editions (No Media Features) are very rare even in European Countries.

Product Key and Activation

  • The Windows 10 .iso automatically inputs Windows 8.x OEM SLP keys and Windows 10 OEM SLP keys embedded in the MSDM ACPI table of the UEFI BIOS.
  • The Windows 10 .iso will allow one to manually input a Windows 7 OEM key printed on a COA.
    • This build accepts Windows 7 OEM keys during installation or if skipped in settings → Update & Security → Activation post installation. This build still activates using Windows 7 OEM keys on systems that have never been made a Windows 10 Edition Device before.
    • One may skip key if the system is a Windows 10 Edition Device and install Windows 10 Edition. It will reactivate when online.

I have tested an OptiPlex 790 which has a Windows 7 Pro OEM COA affixed. I clean installed Windows 10 Pro without a Product Key and as this system had never had Windows 10 Pro installed Windows 10 Pro was not activated. Inputting the Windows 7 Pro OEM key via Settings → Update & Security → Activation post installation led to Product Activation.

I have tested a second OptiPlex 790 which also has a Windows 7 Pro OEM COA affixed. This system also never had Windows 10 Installed before. During installation I input the Windows 7 Pro OEM key and post installation Windows 10 Pro was activated.

Use of the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool

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RE: Windows 10 RS2 Version 1703 Build 15063 "Creators Update" Now Available

All the systems in my signature, except the 1545 (Win 7), updated without problems using the downloaded media.  No attempt was made to upgrade the 1545.

Two of the systems are running Samsung 960 M.2 drives in PCIe mode.


XPS 2720, Inspiron 17 7779, Inspiron 15 7567, XPS 13 9365, Inspiron 1545, TB16 Dock

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RE: Windows 10 RS2 Version 1703 Build 15063 "Creators Update" Now Available

fwiw my trusty Inspiron 1520 laptop updated successfully with the Creators update but I lost my wireless and Ethernet access. No amount of fiddling/tweaking could get them back!

The system also seemed to get stuck on the restarting screen when restarting. Tried twice to do the install but got the same results so I've returned back to ver 1607 which runs like a dream on this old laptop.

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