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problems with dell xps15

a bunch of things are happening to  me right now i have dell xps 15 ,win 10, model number 9tlj72 

1). when i wake my laptop up from sleep a blue screen shows up with an error saying "windows didnt load corectly" this has happened to me a couple of times i jst restart and everything is  fine

2). while using the laptop it sometimes has random stuttering and lag for example if im watching a video sometimes randomly the video frezees and sound goes static for a like 30 sec and then everything returns to being normal

i have already run dell support assist , sfc, dism in cmd and startup repair but all have found noting wrong

i have no idea whats going on as this has only begun from a few days ago

thanks in advance 

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RE: problems with dell xps15

Thank you for your message.

This seems to be an issue caused by the video driver.

What is the blue screen error message you get when you wake the computer from sleep?

Download the graphic driver from this link www.support.dell.com  & save to your desktop screen.

Download & save chipset driver from the same link.

Open device manager & expand display adapter, right click on the graphic driver & click uninstall (check the box that says delete driver) do not restart the computer.

Install the chipset driver followed by the graphic driver saved on your desktop screen & restart the computer.

The service tag you have shared seems to be incorrect, please click on my Dell username & share the right service tag along with the registered name & email address.

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