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Cannot create recovery media


I recieved my new Dell XPS8900 on Friday. It was preinstalled with win 7 pro and came with Win 7 pro operating system install DVD. 

I immediately upgraded to Win 10.

My problem is I cannot create recovery media.

If I use Microsoft Windows Settings - Create A Recovery Drive I get error:

"We can't create a recovery drive on this PC. Some required files are missing. To troubleshoot problems when your PC can't start use your windows installation disc or media"

If I use the preinstalled Dell App "Recovery Media Creator" I get error:

"Recovery Media Error. The recovery environment is not enabled on this system.Recovery Media creation cannot proceed..."

How can I create recovery media for my PC?

Or is my PC setup designed to now allow creation of Recovery media?



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RE: Cannot create recovery media


The media creation tool is for Windows 7 and not for the Windows 10 upgrade. The upgrade comes from Microsoft and not Dell. You can click the link below for reading Windows 10 FAQ's

Windows 10 FAQ's

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