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Downgrade to Windows 7 on a T1700 SFF

I’m looking to buy a Dell Precision T1700 SFF with Windows 7pro. I browsed ebay and found a few, but some come with Windows 8 pro. Now it is my understanding that all windows pro Versions come with downgrade rights. After entering a few service tags in the Dell OS Recovery tool I found that some allow me to download both Windows 7 and Windows 8 but the Item I’m interested in would only let me download Windows 8. Also the iso filename of the Windows 7 that is downloable with some of the Service tags is different from the “usual” 7.06 GB file.


instead of 


which is often mentioned on dellwindowsreinstallationguide.com )


Now if was wondering if the SLIC of Win8PRO Systems would still let me install the above Dell Windows 7 pro iso, since WIN8PRO would more ore less automatically entitle me to a downgrade….

Do you guys think the Dell win7 pro recovery iso would work on these Systems even if dell does only offer a WIN8PRO Dwonload for them?

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Re: Downgrade to Windows 7 on a T1700 SFF

N87PW_X00-00_D0V2KA00_7601_W7SP1_PROFESSIONAL64_RTM_DELL(DL).iso seems to be Windows 7 64 Bit with Service Pack 1 only (no IE11, no other updates and no other drivers slipstreamed).

G13K9_PW4KGA00_W7SP1PRO64_ROW(DL).iso is Windows 7 64 Bit with Service Pack 1 and Updates including IE11 to January 2016. It also has USB 3.0 drivers and storage controllers slipstreamed. 

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