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I have an Inspirion1545 Laptop with no partition for Operation System Factory restore, and no Recovery disk with the lappy came with it.  It's been serviced a couple of times.  Instead of Dell just giving me a brand new one they just kept trying to fix it.  i bought it in 9/22/2009, so obviously warranty as been expired and unfunctional again.  My nephew borrowed it and auto update was on (he had his own user account) and microsoft update damage a driver.  The suspect is the crcdisk.sys driver.

I tried to do a Factory Restore to the VISTA OS but there is no partition for it!  I check in F8 for the Advanced boot options and the instructions clearly state to insert the Recovery Disk into the CD/DVD device and restart, then select Repair computer option...w/e.  Problem is this computer never came with a Recovery disk.  I still have the boxes given to me after it was serviced for the 3rd or 4th time.  I check all the boxes and no Recovery disk anywhere.

That's when it click.

Their suppose to be a partition in the HDD for this laptop.  HOWEVER, it cannot be used unless I can login as Administrator...which I cannot! since Windows just keeps loading and loading and loading.  This is not a hardware issue.

Hardware issues are simply easy to identify.   If the computer doesn't turn on...it's hardware....if the computer does pass POST it's hardware....if the computer doesn't pass BIOS then it's hardware.   It's extremely rare for a PC not to load Windows in this matter (infinite looping load with green bar keeps going and going) and claim it hardware.   To truly identify it as an hardware issue I must first rule out software.  Best way to rule out software is to reinstall the OS and bite the bullet for all the files and folders not part of OEM factory OS setup go bye-bye.

Where can I download a recovery disk and how big is it.  All Dell recovery disks works on all dells so long same OS and BIT..mine being Vista 32-BIT.

Things that attempted

install a different HDD but it's HP, which of course would either not load if hardware issue or load the Notice of Non compatibility which would make it a software issue unless HDD doesn't work..which it does as I can explain later.  Well, the Disclaimer and Notice popup right after BIOS like clockwork.

I tried to enter Safe Mode....there too it would hang at last file "crcdisk.sys" though it loads all the other files...which by Google it's all the drivers for VISTA 32-BIT to load in safe mode.  I took the liberty to write down all 28+ .sys that loaded up.

Safe mode w/ Netowork...failed also....it hung at crcdisk sys

Safe mode with command prompt failed also...it hung at crcdisk.sys

Change HDD SATA from AHCI to ATA and bot BSOD after windows loaded....which is natural since this laptop shouldn't be using ATA but AHCI.   If it was hardware issue than Windows wouldn't have loading to BSOD in the incompatible mode of ATA since ATA is just the emulator.

I even Reset BIOS to make sure it's not a BIOS.  It was a still NO GO.

No Repair utility...because would be in a partitioned HDD or in a disk....but got neither as I cannot access the partition if it even had one that now i have doubts about having.

Disabled Driver signatures and still nothing.

Debugger wouldn't load by the means it usually does...in safe mode....

Memory Diagnostics Utility had no errors...I even did the extended check and still no errors reported.

Did a flush but removing the ram and processor and then reinstall with CMOS gone and no battery for 30 mins.  That failed..the problem was still the same....

So no matter what, I need the Recovery disk.  I do not want to spend another nickel on repairing Dell's problem for their lack of competency and Microsofts none lack of greed and incompetency.

So for me to trash this laptop (other words to identify it as solely a hardware issue) I need a link to make a Restoration VISTA 32BIT DVD or CD... to reinstall the VISTA OS.  If it doesn't work then...that's when I know just to buy a DIY laptop and move on. =(

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Re: Factory Restore

If the 25 digit product key on your COA can be read you may download a retail .iso of Windows Vista. You may use this alongside the product key of your COA and activate via phone.

Once you have the .iso follow my wiki "A Clean Install of Windows". Both these wikies may be found in my signature below.

Before proceeding power down your machine and hold F12 when powering up run the diagnostics and any extended tests to see if there are any error codes. Repeat this with the hard drive salvaged from the HP.

If the product key is illegible you should try using one of the Windows Vista .isos or Windows 7 .isos for reinstallation purposes without a product key, that way you can fully determine if there is a hardware problem during the evaluation period. If all works out you will need to purchase a Windows 7 Upgrade Product Key or alternatively fill out this form and use the Dell Media to reinstall Vista. 

Dr Philip Yip
Tech Enthusiast and Author of the Unofficial Dell Windows Reinstallation Guide

Windows FAQs and OEM Downloads

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Re: Factory Restore

Thanks for your assistance.  I decided to reinstall the HDD with my Corporate Windows Xp which installed like a charm.  I now know what went wrong.  As I said before, my nephew had it for his schooling.  However, he won a new and stronger laptop and forgot to return the one I loan.  As you may know, CMOS battery not an infinite source of energy. =p  So the BIOS reseted =./

This is how it's Dell's fault ^^

When i had it serviced the guy put a different type of harddrive, my self hint and realization about the ATA and AHCI, which I visionally check to see myself.  It was ATA but the BIOS is default at AHCI.   The drivers became corrupt because it was of the reversal. Lol.  The Technician did not put the new default for the SATA type as ATA as the other HDD was AHCI. =./

Now it works perfectly fine, if not better, than the VISTA counterpart. =p   What was a pain at first was finding the drivers, but Dell score high just because they posted all the drivers for this laptop for all versions of Windows. ^o^

Just finished last up date =p

Thanks again and will keep your info on favs kekekek

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