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T10 wnos.ini question

T10 wnos.ini question

Hello, I have just recieved a T10 and I am learning to configure the unit but have ran into an issue. As of right now I am able to configure the INI file with confgen and put it on an FTP server and have the unit pull settings.... I have noticed I can lock the machine down and configure it better this way than if I try doing it from the machine. What I wanted to know is 1. What if my FTP server is unavailable.... The unit boots with no settings and becomes a brick... Also 2. Can I log into the unit through putty or some other program to upload the INI file manually?


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RE: T10 wnos.ini question

Try using the parameter "EnableCacheIni=Yes" This will store the ini file in the T10 so that if your FTP server fails, the ini file will be retrieve from the T10. Take a look at the WTOS INI reference Guide available at www.wyse.com/manuals



Roger Montalvo 
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