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ThinOS device management in 5 minutes!

Lightbulb ThinOS device management in 5 minutes!

Hi All- For those of you not aware, wyse has just recently announced that Cloud Client Manager is now available!

What does this mean? You can now manage ThinOS and Xenith devices (along with iphones, iPads, and android devices) from a single unified console. Some quick insight into what is possible with CCM with only Thin Clients in mind:

* No more messing with DHCP servers, options tags, and FTP/HTP file servers to manage and configure ThinOS devices-- in fact, there is ZERO servers or management software you need to install

* You can now deploy, manage, and execute commands (lock, restart, etc) on devices not matter where they are located (yes, even a user's home or another network not under your control)

* Have visibility into what users have logged into a specific thin client and what connections were launched

* Configure most common settings without needing to worry about INI commands

* Easily create many groups with different configurations and have different devices access different policies even if in the same network or VLAN

* Have access to user-centric tools so you can see the IT world around a user (i.e what device did they recently log into-- no more asking them to tell you the IP address of the device)

* much much more... especially some really awesome mobility management and integration with Pocketcloud!!!

To get access to a free 14 day trial go to cloudclientmanager.com

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