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Which Packages come with the image?

Which Packages come with the image?

I'm hoping this is an easy question and I'm just being dim:

I'm running R90L7 and XPE devices, but this question pertains to any thin device or embedded image. I'm also running WDM 4.8 Workgroup.

I've installed the latest Firmware Image: WES 7 WFR2 Common Image, posted on June 27, 2011.
The question is, can I assume that any updates prior to June 27 are included in that image? (I'm referring to packages built from MS security releases as well as firmware packages). When I spoke to technical support, they said that they thought so but weren't sure and said that I'd have to look at what was installed on the device--that doesn't sound right to me.

There are 49 Seccurity Patches/Updates on the Wyse site, and they range from 29-Jul-2011 back to 08-Dec-2010.


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RE: Which Packages come with the image?

The image release notes will tell you the patch level. The release notes are linked on the same page where you downloaded the image, at the bottom of the notes paragraph. 
The WES7 818 build you are referring to is patch with SP1 KB 976932, KB976902 - Update for WES7, KB2526967 - Hot fix Microsoft for WES7, KB2496898 - Hot fix Microsoft for WES7. This says the image is patched up to January 2011. You will need to apply February and later patches. The release notes will sometimes list the patches or they will tell you the month that the image was patched up to. You may ask why is a image, that was just posted, is not up to date? This is because the image must be tested for stability and functionality. Those missing patches were not available when the image went into the testing phase.

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