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Dell XPS 15 9570 GTX 1050 Ti says GPU usage is 100% when 2gb used out of 4gb


I have the 4gb GTX1050 Ti graphics card on this laptop which is 4gb but the laptop only appears to be using a maximum of 2gb when it says it is at 100% usage.

I checked the usage while running windowed Skyrim and task manager had its dedicated GPU memory at 2.0/4.0 GB despite it having 100% utilisation. Framerate was constantly around the 15-30 FPS range, so it's not a matter of the laptop not needing to have access to the 4gb of dedicated GPU memory.

I also checked via MSI afterburner and it similarly says the GTX 1050 Ti is at 100% usage while at approximately 2000 mb.

I have updated all my drivers and have made sure in NVIDIA control panel to set the graphics card used during these games to be the dedicated graphics card (GTX 1050 Ti)

How do I get the laptop to recognise/use/have available the full 4gb of dedicated GPU memory?

Many thanks!