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Dell XPS L502X Upgrade to windows 10 or 8.1

I intended to upgrade to windows 10 but on checking various websites it appears that windows 10 updates may\will result in problems on the XPSl502X and not run is this correct so am i better off upgrading to windows 8.1. as suggested by dell tech support. Help i am confused

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Re: Dell XPS L502X Upgrade to windows 10 or 8.1

The reason windows 8.1 was suggested is probably because that is the last OS supported by Dell and has Dell 8.1 drivers for your model. Even 8.1 has limited MS support and is near end of life. Your model is really old--it has XP drivers available! The best thing to consider is a new computer.

Microsoft has ended mainstream support for Windows 8.1, more than five years after its debut. The operating system, which was offered as a free upgrade to Windows 8 users, has moved to the extended support phase, in which it will continue to receive updates, albeit in a more limited fashion.

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