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XPS 13 9300 Home and End keys

I just got an XPS 13 9300 and just assumed that the Home and End keys would be Fn-Left and Fn-Right, like my XPS 13 9343.  Turns out, I was wrong to assume that. Fn-F11 and Fn-F12 is going to be a huge pain when navigating code and I was wondering if there was any way to change that in software or in the BIOS.  I've got the Developer edition so I'm using Ubuntu 18.04.  Please tell me there's something I can do here, because the keyboard is about the most important thing to me and I may have to return the laptop because of this.

Thanks, Andrew

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Good that the XPS17 users have had a fix. Us XPS15 (9570) users are still waiting Zzzzzz. 

Only been 14 months though.  Maybe Dell needs some better BIOS devs if they're finding it this difficult to figure it out 

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The latest BIOS update for the 9700 fixed the problem. Yayyyyy

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So we have another BIOS update 1.7.0 for the 9300 and still no fix. Anybody knows if the 2.x version is coming to 9300 like it did to 9310? @jphughan ? Thanks!


Some time ago I will strongly disagree with you, but now not so sure. I personally have almost all precision models until my current 5750 (5500, 5520, 5530) and was quite happy with them. Yes the thermal paste is incredibly low quality, but I can live with that, but I pay for highend machine for a reason of good support and if Dell gives me a<Substitute character removed>you finger with so small request (and this is second time as the 5500 model has DSDT error reported and described to support team and hey they fixed it in more recent models and gives ma a solution like "buy new model" and refuses to fix older 5500) it feels like kick in the balls not like a good smooth support.



Forget about it. Just don't buy any more laptops from Dell. Better don't buy anything from Dell at all. It doesn't deserve our money. Such negligence and stupidity means product and engineering team simply doesn't care. Dell will better spend some $$$ on buying fake reviews on YouTube rather than spending several hours and provide a BIOS option.

* Rubbish thermal paste (throttling out of the box)

* Rattling sound speakers

* Lots of bloatware

* Dying batteries (within the first 6 months)

* Sound/audio software is a total c.r.a.p. (f.y. d.e.l.l)

* Non-existent support

* No bios updates or further software improvements (other than critical ones Dell has to provide by law)

Paid actors from tech review websites and YouTube channels will never mention any of that.

Truly a premium product.


Can I ask anyone with this problem to take a look at post ? Maybe if we make some noise someone would notice the problem here ?


Yes, congratulations! The 9310 did get this update in BIOS 2.0.0 https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-ca/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=42j0p&oscode=ubt20&productco...


Unfortunately for me, my 9300 did not


Anybody from DELL can tell me if this is coming to my PC as well?

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I'm not sure what happened (maybe a latest update) but as of 6 May 2021, on my XPS 9310, when I hit "FN" + Left / Right it does Home / End. 

I was so surprised it worked. Anyone else discover this welcome change?  


Whoops! Sorry!


I don't believe that is correct. FN-key can't be detected by any OS, thereby can not be used for remapping.


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