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XPS 13 (9300) - Speaker Vibration

I have noticed that on my brand new XPS 13 (9300) (FHD, 16GB RAM, 512SSD) there is a slight but noticeable vibration noise when the volume is above roughly 60%.

Having conducted an Audio frequency test it appears to be most prevalent at frequencies 450Hz+. It almost sounds like the keyboard keys are vibrating when the volume is loud or, just for descriptive purposes, a layer of very thin tin foil is vibrating just below the keyboard. The sound quality is excellent aside from this issue which is very annoying as you can always hear it.

I have all of the latest audio drivers installed and updated windows 10. I have tried re-installing Realtek Audio but this had no affect. If I hold press my hands lightly over the keyboard when audio is playing it seems to lessen the vibration sound, however it is still prevalent.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue on their XPS 13? If not, does anyone have any ideas of potential fixes?

Having spent over AUD$3000 on a laptop, I am very disappointed and will be looking to return it if no solution/fix is found.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi CalumH,

When was the last time the audio worked fine? Were there any recent updates that caused this issue? 

Are you experiencing the same with headphones or external speakers?

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The audio has been displaying this problem for as long as i have had the laptop (5 days).

No, the issue does not persist with headphones or external speaker. However, having tested the audio on both i have come across two new audio related problems.

1 - when i unplug the headphones the audio does not continue to play out of the laptop speakers - i have to restart the laptop to get the audio to play again.

2 - when connecting bluetooth headphones or speakers, the audio playing out of them is jittery / stutters slightly.

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I also have this problem. Its really annoying

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1. The lead wire is broken but not completely separated 2. There is debris on the paper basin 3. The paper cone is broken or degummed 4. The magnet is loose and displaced, causing the moving coil to rub against the magnet. If it is not possible, send it directly to the repair shop for detection

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I think what's happening is that your it's literally your keyboard that's vibrating and creating those clipping like noises. 

Try to see if the clipping noise gets significantly quieter when you put your hands on the keyboards. And try to listen to the speakers by raising your laptop above your head and see if you still hear that noise (that way the rattling noise from the keyboard doesn't get projected towards your ear). 

If both of these are true, then it's literally just your keyboard resonating with the noises. The worst part is the frequency that triggers it is within the human vocal frequency range, which means anything that has human vocal in it will likely trigger it every other sentence. 

I'm in the same boat, thinking if I should just return it and get a different laptop, but everything else about this laptop is perfect for me. Such a tough decision. 


Hi @jzhan026 , I have this issue as well...

Did you return it ?


Yeah I ended up returning it because that noise is just too distracting. I couldn't watch anything using the speakers. I'm still searching for a laptop. I can't believe they designed the laptop like this and I also can't believe that no reviews online really talks about this issue. 


I have exactly the same problem on a brand new XPS 13 9300.

I notice the vibration mostly when watching the news while people are talking.


I am on the same boat. Dell support change the speakers, that means they change also the keyboard and the upper chasis to which the speakers are soldered. Now I can ear the same noise but in the other side. 

If I turn up side down the computer, the noise is less noticeable.

I don't know if this noise problem is due to a damage in the speaker or if it is just the lower quality of the speakers. 

If someone had the same experience but with a better ending, I will be glad to ear from you, since I don't know if I have to keep asking for the parts been changed until the problem is solved or if I have to live with the noise.

Thanks in advance

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