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XPS 13 9305 upgrade ssd from 2230 to 2280 size

Trying to upgrade an XPS 13 9305 SSD from a 2230 to 2280 size.  I need a new drive caddy / heatsink assembly.  Dell support online was able to give me the part number and a phone number to call,  The person on that number connected me to someone else, who then connected me to a third person, who was not very helpful. Did not seem to understand much and the phone disconnected.  


Part number is 09y66.  Does anyone know where I can order this from, preferably new? 

Non Dell sources online seem to have USED stuff.  Or perhaps fakes imported from China.  I would prefer to be able to get the part NEW.



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Hi, I think you probably meant 090y66?

Where are you from? If you live in the US even Walmart seems to have it on their website. I don't think they would sell fakes, would they?

Anyway if you write give us your location I'm sure someone will be able to help you.


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