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XPS 13 Plus 9320 - Laptop auto-shutdown

XPS 13 Plus 9320

We've started rolling out the 9320 model to our user base and both the users we've given the 9320 have reported the laptop shutting down on its own. 

The laptops auto shut down after being in sleep mode, or locked screen.

Scenario 1 Locked screen:
  1.  Laptop is docked to a WD-19 docking station
  2.  Applications and documents are open
  3.  Windows + L to lock screen when walking away from my desk
  4.  Return to the desk about 20minutes later, the laptop starts up afresh
     *   All applications were closed.
     *   Laptop behaves like it is a start-up from a shutdown state.


Scenario 2 Closing lid when on battery:
  1.  Laptop running on battery
  2.  Close the lid
  3.  Open lid after approximately 1 hour
  4.  Laptop starts up afresh
     *   All applications were closed.
     *   Laptop behaves like it is a start-up from a shutdown state

Close the lid setting, it is set to Sleep, not Shut down. I haven't been able to find any forums, help documents that would help us troubleshoot what the issue is.


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What BIOS revision are both on and what troubleshooting steps have you taken thus far?


I ran Dell Command updates on both so should be on the latest 1.7.1 BIOS.

In terms of the most recent troubleshooting step, we isolated the root cause of the shutdowns to be a BSOD event. Event Viewer logs and the Sleep study report point to a kernel failure resulting in BSOD.


Event Viewer Critical alert:

"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."


Event Viewer Error just underneath the Critical alert:

"The previous system shutdown at 10:59:09 am on ‎16/‎09/‎2022 was unexpected."




Sorry I never saw your reply. There is a new BIOS revision out v1.8.1, has your issue persisted?

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Yes, it has persisted even with v1.8.1


Have you ran BIOS and/or SupportAssist diagnostics? I know you said you ran BIOS updates but have you ran Windows and/or SupportAssist updates for other driver updates? If those all check out as good, then I have two things that pop into my head to try. SFC and DISM scans are one. Resetting BIOS to defaults is two.

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