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XPS 9710, Blue screen if I leave unattended (but not always)

I have Dell XPS 9710 with Win 10 Pro 21H2

Once every 2 days or more, I get the Blue Screen, with the message: "It looks like Windows didn't load correctly".

I simply select "Restart my PC", and all is fine for 2-5 days.

The message NEVER occurs after any of the following deliberate actions by me:

- Startup
- Restart
- Sleep
- Hibernate
- Switch User

The message NEVER occurs if I'm actually sitting at the machine - either typing or simply browsing.

The message ONLY occurs if I leave my Dell unattended for more than 5 minutes. It never occurs less than 2 days after the previous message - and can be as much as 5 days.
As a matter of policy, I restart my machine deliberately about twice a week.

This machine was delivered around August 2021, but only about 20 programs have been installed by me - because I was hospitalized for some months. So it won't be much effort to re-install 20 progs if I need to reset.

However, I don't want to reset + re-install if my issue can be resolved in 5 minutes. So that's the purpose of this post.

Are there any quick fixes ?


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Hi - I was experiencing problems almost identical to yours except the XPS 9710 blue screen of death was happening at more random intervals but always seemingly triggered by the brief period of inactivity whereby the machine would essentially try to go to sleep. I changed the machine settings such that the machine was never supposed to go to sleep due to inactivity whether plugged in or not; while this seemed to work for some with this problem, it did not work for me. This problem drove me crazy until I implemented a simple solution: I installed one of those free auto mouse mover programs (in my case Murgee Auto Mouse Mover) that moves the mouse every 15 seconds and I have not had the problem recur since installing this software. It shouldn't be necessary to use a solution like this, but it works.

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I'm not sure I've heard of the BSOD error you're referencing, is there any chance you have a photo of your system when it blue screened?

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