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April 1st, 2024 22:42

Aurora R14, can a Cryotech cooler work?

I have found a brand new Cryotech cooler on eBay that says it would work with a r13 and r14 is this true? The link to it is here

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April 2nd, 2024 02:09


R13 Cryo-tech has a lined pattern of liquid pump

R13 part list:


Lunar Light 750W PSU, Alienware Cryo-tech(TM) Edition CPU Liquid Cooling & Clear Side Panel


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April 2nd, 2024 02:19

R13 and R14 have a common non-cryotech liquid cooler suggesting they use same heatsink mounting mechanism even though R14 cpu socket is for AMD.



THRM, 125W, LED, LC, R14

FFD35 is a R14 Asetek Sigrid liquid cooler. It has a honeycomb pattern of liquid pump

R14 part list:


Darksideofthe Moon 750W Platinum Rated Power Supply, Sigrid Liquid-Cooled & Clear Side Panel


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April 2nd, 2024 13:45

This is what I could pull from the SPMD =

FFD35 105W, Asetek Sigrid 35-102-0000321, Honeycomb, Assembly heatsink for 105W CPU (Aurora R14)

27WXG 125W, Asetek Cryotech 35-102-0000303, CPU Liquid Cooler with 120mm fan/radiator installed at rear wall fan position (Aurora R13, Aurora R16)

80H81 125W, Foxconn Street Fighter 35-102-0000304, CPU Liquid Cooler with 120mm fan/radiator installed at rear wall fan position (Aurora R13, Aurora R14, Aurora R16)

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April 2nd, 2024 15:24

I was going to mention that based on tear down videos I have seen, the mounting pattern is always Intel based even on AMD systems.

They move the heatsink "puck" to a different location on AMD systems.

So I would be careful to ensure you are not using an Intel-Intel cooler and instead make sure you use the Intel-AMD cooler.

This is different than retail coolers and motherboards who use mounting patterns based on the motherboard socket.


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April 2nd, 2024 02:39

I am not sure why but FFD35 (Sigrid) is rated for 105W lower than 125W of cryo-tech and the non-cryotech liquid cooler.

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April 2nd, 2024 16:33

I was going to mention too that Aurora R15 AMD motherboard actually uses standard AMD AM5 socket 50x94mm rectangular mounting hole spacing and not a hybrid Intel square one.  R15 AMD 240mm AIO is only for AMD, not Intel, and not c/w R15.
whereas in R13 vs R14 Ryzen, both use intel square mounting hole spacing 78x78mm.  Even though the R13 120 AIO cryotech is not offered for R14, the cryotech is physically c/w R14.  Vice versa the Asetek Gen7 Sigrid although only offered in R14, is physically c/w R13.  

similarly in R10 Ryzen vs R11/12, all use intel square 75x75mm cooler mounting.

Anecdotally Sigrid is a Norwegian singer while Asetek is headquartered in Denmark. the legend of the Kraken lives in the sea between Norway and Iceland.

It appears the Scandinavian loves liquid cooler with tubes that look like giant squid arms.  


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