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April 13th, 2024 23:05

Sent my Laptop to get services at Dell, lost or stolen by FedEx

Will I get reimbursed? Will my laptop be found?

I contacted dell to service my laptop since I suspected battery issues, as my laptop wasn't turning on! I sent my laptop to dell to get repaired. Dell Quoted me 92.55$ in addition to the fee associated with sending and receiving the laptop~ 60$. My laptop was Manufactured in 2019, and I had been using it over 4 years. It had crucial and important data worth 4 years, and I don't seem to have that at my disposal anymore since Dell/FedEx lost it. I have been on countless calls with Dell and have given them multiple 24-48 hours of extension to resolve this. 

FedEx says that the last scan of the package was on 5th April, when they tried attempting the delivery on 2nd April, and since no one was on the door, they would reattempt to deliver. After visiting the FedEx Shipment Warehouse, I have gotten nowhere since they say they can't find it!

I have obviously contacted local law enforcement since if the laptop was stolen or is being misused by someone, 4 years of my data is at stake and additionally and with my identity and personal information potentially in threat! Dell seems to not take any accountable ownership over this, and have not helped me get to a conclusion. FedEx obviously is a failed organization and have gotten nowhere regarding this as well. 

I would like for Dell to take this case and escalate it, to find my laptop, block the service tag if not found, and file a claim with FedEx since I can't do that as a receiver (only senders can file a claim). I need to get reimbursed for all the laptop repair charges along with the price of laptop with heavy compensations in regard to lost data and mental harassment regarding this.

Either FedEx or Dell needs to resolve this to provide me a replacement, reimbursement or a resolution. I will keep this updated to receive attention from dell regarding this!!


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April 13th, 2024 23:29

If the system was activated with a Microsoft account, log into that and lock it.  You can also report the system lost to Dell yourself:


As for the rest, while FedEx is responsible for the value of the system, neither it nor Dell is responsible for your data -- no hardware manufacturer is.  Backing up data is your responsibility and you won't be compensated, even if they do replace the system.

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