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January 9th, 2024 21:15

Dell ISM iptables error after installation

Since installing the Dell ISM on Rocky 9.2 all of the hosts are showing ipv6 network errors. These machines are not running ipv6 or IPTABLES (Firewalld is being used). This appears to have crashed 2 of our 17 machines last night. 

This docuemnt show some info on iDrac communication (page 11) but nothing on ISm or how to disable ipv6 for ISM 

Errors seen repeating in Firewalld:

ERROR: RUNNING_BUT_FAILED: Changing permanent configuration is not allowed while firewalld is in FAILED state. The permanent configuration must be fixed and then firewalld restarted. Try `fir>
ERROR: '/usr/sbin/iptables-restore -w -n' failed: iptables-restore v1.8.8 (nf_tables): host/network `fe80::1234%idrac' not found

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January 12th, 2024 02:53

Disabled IPv6 on the new "iDrac" interface but was still having the issue. Noted that the file /etc/firewalld/direct.xml had been modified by the ISM install. Modified the IPv6 line in the file to the IPv4 address of the iDrac and the issue was resolved. 



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January 10th, 2024 07:18



iSM is used for communication between the OS and iDRAC. According to the user guide the IP is controlled by the OS. When iSM is installed, there is a specific virtual NIC is created. Can you check if the OS could list the network NIC and check if you are able to disable IPv6. 

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