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April 2nd, 2024 14:22

U2724DE, HDMI no 120Hz at 1440p

Dell U2724DE

Dell U2724DE

The setup that I have with this monitor is that I have a Mac mini which is currently connected to the DP while also connected with a USB-C, to USB-A into the Mac mini, and then all of my peripherals(mouse,keyboard,camera) are connected directly to the monitor, thus making a use of the integrated HUB, instead of having to run the cables to the Mac. This is all good and working flawlessly for my needs.

However, I also have a Windows laptop that I use for work, and which I connected to the monitor using a high quality HDMI cable. Windows will not allow me to select 120Hz at 1440p regardless of what I do to it, I can only select 120Hz at 1080p, but not on 1440p.

I tried with another brand monitor, using the same cable, that I use to connect to the dell, and I was able to select 1440p at 120hz on that other monitor, no problem there. So this way I ruled a possibility of a somehow faulty cable, driver, or even faulty gpu or windows install on that windows laptop.

Did I do something wrong, am I missing something, or this is something that is done intentionally by Dell?
I searched online for a solution, but it seems I'm the only one having the issue on this particular way of setting things up.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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April 2nd, 2024 15:55

@DELL-Chris M​ 
Hello, and thanks for the quick response. I already did the steps provided but this doesn't seem to help, and they did not help.

I also did verified the product by providing the service tag, and it can also be seen from within my profile, but the warranty level is simply to perform hardware services if some issues arrive, and I have no option to contact support via mail, or chat.

However, I managed to resolve the issue by simply connecting the Windows laptop to the DP, and the Mac PC to the Thunderbolt port.
By doing this, now I have a 1440p at 120Hz on both systems. Perhaps this is something that needs to be looked at from engineering side, and probably come up with a potential sw/fw update/fix?

A way to reproduce the issue.
-Have a Mac connected to the DP input of the monitor (DP in the monitor Type-C in the Mac)
-Have a Windows PC connected to the HDMI input of the monitor (HDMI on both sides)
-Do not setup any KVM functionality other then the hub for the Mac peripherals.


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April 2nd, 2024 14:59

To receive assistance from Dell support agents they need to first verify the ownership and warranty status. Click the blue "Get Help Now" on the right to start a private live chat session. Share the private monitor Service Tag and 20 digit serial number with them.

Test the Windows Laptop by itself on the U2724DE 
* Turn the U2724DE off
* Disconnect every cable from the U2724DE. Wait 10 seconds
* Reconnect the power cable to the U2724DE
* Reconnect only the HDMI cable from the Windows Laptop
* Turn the U2724DE on
* What resolution and Hz do you see in the Windows Display settings for the U2724DE?

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