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December 6th, 2021 18:00

You’ve received a private message from Dell Community Forum

I don't know where else to post this.

I keep getting these private messages here with subject "You’ve received a private message from Dell Community Forum", and they say: 

"Hello, I’m your Dell virtual assistant. In case you have a question about your Dell system or need technical assistance, may I have the Service Tag or Express Service Code or order number, please? I’ll validate your system warranty and get back to you with the available options."

However, the message doesn't reference why it's messaging me, or any forum links, or anything other than a link on how to check my service tag... I already know how to check it, and I didn't find any answer with it, which is why I posted to the forum.

So, I'm getting essentially spam private messages from Dell or something (a bot? a support rep?), saying "just in case you have a question! give me your service tag!" What? Why? I already posted my question in the forum. This is silly.

If whoever sent this wanted me to contact them instead of posting to the forum, why wouldn't there be a button to do that front-and-center when I get to the forum? And on every page to make a new post? This is redundant and inefficient, ambiguous, and spammy.

I don't know what to do with these or how to stop them. I've replied to them before, asking what they're referring to exactly, and I get no reply. So it seems pointless on top of it all.

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December 7th, 2021 06:00

The primary purpose of the DCF (Dell Community Forum) is to offer a software platform where users assist users in troubleshooting hardware and/or software issues.

The private Service Tag is required by Dell to check the warranty status. Everytime you start a new thread, the DELL-Cares virtual assistant will send a message asking for the Service Tag. Once the DELL-Cares virtual assistant receives the Service Tag =
- if still under warranty, the case is then forwarded to a DELL-Cares agent
- if out of warranty, the DELL-Cares virtual assistant offers out of warranty options

If your PC is already out of warranty, then post your hardware and/or software issue on the applicable PC platform board. Then a user or our Rockstars can assist you in troubleshooting.

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