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June 17th, 2024 11:03

continuation of clone problem

Hello again. following a short hospital stay I am now able to return to my problem of being unablem to clone the 128gb western digital ssd  nvme drive in my dell optiplex 3070SFF on to a 500gb nvme I get have posted about this earlier and had some suggestions but now can not find the thread. So here is the up to date situation. I reurned the Crucial T500 drive and purchased another from Amazon  I now run into incompatible disc error  when trying to clone using macrium reflect. research leads me to believe that the problem may be the USB housing my new drive is inserted in reporting incorrect sector size. However I don't have another USB adaptor to try. But the Dell manual does show that I have a second nvme socket labelled wlan on the board . My first question is can I use this to install my current c drive in (the one I want to clone)  this is because of space available the 128gb wd drive is a short format  nvme but the new drive which will become the new main drive is a longer format and wouldn't fit the space. If I can safely install the short format c drive into the WLAN m2 socket and the new drive into the current m2 socket that should overcome any problem caused by the USB carrier.

So will that work please? swap c drive  to the WLAN M2 socket install new drive to where C was and try to clone again? 

If so I have a related question the new drive is currently formatted as drive D will the cloning then make that my C drive automatically  or would I need to do something else?

That's part one part two is if I can not use the second nvme socket (WLAN) I have now got a 2.5 inch ssd sata drive that I could install in the caddy and do it that way  ( clone from existing C drive to 2.5  ssd Then install new NVMe to main m2 socket and clone back to it. If this is a viable option I have the same question over drive letters as the 2.5 ssd isn't yet installed so has no letter. 

Final question I hope if I manage to get this sorted I intend to leave the 2.5ssd as a backup drive  and possibly install a second 2.5  in there as well 

My question is  on the main board I have 2 sockets labelled SATA0 (a blue socket) and SATA2(a white socket) and close to the coin cell battery is a black plug labelled SATA PWR. Nothing is connected to either of the SATA sockets other than a short 7 pin lead. As my drive has a 16 pin and a 7 pin connection  what cables do I need to purchase to use in the SATA sockets and if I install only 1 drive for now do I use the SATA 0 or SATA 2 socket?. 

The SATA PWR Cable has a15pin connector with a six pin connector piggybacked off the cables (2 wires connected   )'. If I can install 2 drives I will need to buy some sort of splitter cable to power the drives. What would this be please? finally what connects to what re drives and cables.

\Sorry this is a long post and quite a few questions   but If anyone can confirm that any of it will work I may end up with a decent machine to replace my old large tower system taking up a lot of under desk space.

Heres hoping I can find any replies to this with more luck that I have had with my previous post

Kind Regards


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June 18th, 2024 06:11

@Quezzers , for the issue about unable to locate your threads, this is one of unresolved thread you have created , and this is another one, it was closed

The answer to your first question about to using the WLAN M.2 slot for your C drive is an absolutely NO.  That M.2 slot is keyed A/E for wireless card and does not support M-keyed NVMe SSD.

The next question about possibility of cloning from original NVMe boot drive to a 2.5" SATA SSD and re-cloning to a new NVMe SSD is YES, you can do that.  After each cloning process, remove the old drive and system will assign drive letter to the new (cloned) drive automatically at boot.

The final question has multiple parts.  About power cable for your system 2.5" drives, you can use Dell SATA power splitter cable with part number 0N701D or similar.  Connecting the splitter cable to the existing 15-pin SATA power connector will provide power for two 2.5" drive setup.  The smaller mini 6-pin connector is reserved for optical drive.  For SATA signals 7-pin connector, you would want to use the blue connector for your 2.5" SSD as it's SATA 3.  The white connector is SATA 2 and it's for optical drive.

I suggest to do a clean Windows installation and all programs applications to the new NVMe SSD installed on M.2 slot and install just one 2.5" SATA SSD for storage.  Save all the spending on extra accessories and cables to put into higher capacity drives.


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June 18th, 2024 22:00

It sounds like you got it right.  The suggestions were made but the option and the decision are entirely yours.  You can use the white SATA 2 connector for 2.5" drive as well but the performance is limited to only half the speed of a SATA 3 port.  Hence the reason it was reserved for an optical drive, although it will support any SATA drive protocol.

As for cloning from a smaller drive to a larger drive, check Macrium Reflect support for expand drive C partition to fill space in the larger capacity drive.  The menu option is there on the user interface.

At the final stage after you have OS cloned to the new NVMe SSD, you can select F12 at boot for a one time boot menu and select to boot with the NVMe drive.  After Windows is loaded, you can use diskpart to clean the 2.5" SATA SSD and use Disk Management wizard to create drive D.

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June 18th, 2024 21:09

@Chino de Oro​ Thank you so much for getting back to me promptly.  So if I use the SATA 0 (blue) socket on the board and a 500 gb 2.5 ssd I should be able to clone to that straight from the 128gb NVME in the M2 socket (  I suspected that the other wouldn't work but needed to know for sure)

I had intended to use the new 500gb NVME \m2 as the c drive, one 2.5 as D drive storage and a second 2.5 as a dedicated back up drive. But if I maybe install 1 larger 2.5 D drive I won't need to use two power cables and can use an external drive  as dedicated back up.  Does the white SATA data socket on the board (SATA 2) support connection of a second 2.5 ssd   drive or is it intended only for the optical ?.

Finally can I just check the procedure with you. The 128gb drive only has windows 11 Macrium  Reflect and a couple of files on it So I connect the 2.5  to the SATA3 socket and power use macrium to clone the128 gb  M2 to the 2.5.  Having done that I remove the 128gb ssd and the cloned 2.5 becomes Next install  the new NVME in the M" slot and clone the 2.5 back to that giving me my 500gb c ::drive after I remove the 2.5?  Then reinstall the 2.5 or a larger one and that will presumably become D: my second drive. I think I have got it unless there is anything I have missed that I would need to do during this process. Once again thanks for your help If you have time to confirm what I intend to do is correct I may be able to get this sorted andf running soon.

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