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February 9th, 2024 23:05

Using a Dell 450-AGFW 2400 watt power supply on 208v UPS

I thought this was an easy to answer question, but I have been getting a lot of foggy opinions.  I have an APC 208v UPS and am receiving 3 Dell Precision Rack 7960 units with the 2400 watt 250V power supplies.  My question is can I plug these into the C20 plugs on my PDUs and is 208 enough to run these units?




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February 12th, 2024 13:23

Yes, you can connect your Dell Precision Rack 7960 units with 2400-watt, 250V power supplies to the C20 plugs on your PDUs powered by a 208V UPS. The power supplies are designed to work within a wide voltage range, including 208V, ensuring compatibility and efficient operation.

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