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March 19th, 2024 02:52

Will the T7500 1100w power supply fit in the T3500?

Greetings Dell Precision Forum!

I have a Precision T3500, and I am looking to get a new video card for it.  However, the 525w power supply it came with only has a single 6-pin connector for GPU and the cards I am looking at may use up to 300w alone and require either 1x or 2x  8-pin power connectors.

I see the Precision T7500 has a 1100w power supply, and can be bought used for a reasonable price.

Will the T7500 power supply fit the T3500? If yes, can I just leave the cable harness in place, remove the old power supply, install the T7500 power supply, then reconnect the cable harness?



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March 22nd, 2024 09:56

The T7500 1100W power supply is compatible with the T3500 without requiring modifications to cables or harnesses. It can directly replace the existing power supply. Offering higher capacity and additional power connectors suitable for modern GPUs, the T7500 unit is a suitable upgrade. You can retain the existing cable harness during the replacement process as it's compatible with various power supplies, including the T7500 1100W unit. Remember to disconnect your computer from the power source, ground yourself to prevent static damage, and use the necessary tools and experience for safe installation

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March 26th, 2024 23:54

This is good to know.   

I have a T3500 and think that adding  the 1100W supply would be perfect for those server GPU cards.  

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