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December 10th, 2020 15:00

precision 5550 S3 sleep not working

I own a Precision 5550 laptop, running linux. BIOS version 1.4.0

When I setup the system to use deep sleep mode S3 the system will not wake up. It will only show the Dell logo and freeze. 

Did some experimenting other Dell devices seem to work when disabled the boot logo (sign of life) but this doesn't work for Precision 5550.

When using the normal sleep mode it drain the battery and even when fully charged it will not survive a sleep of 2 days, which is a bad performance for an expensive laptop like this.

When will Dell release a bios solving this issue?

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11-12-2020 02:00 AM

I'm also having this issue with my 5550. When going to sleep the laptop gets hot and the battery drains, when I open the laptop up it's on again.

Has anyone run the ePSA diagnostics? I got error code 2000-0145 and validation code 124170 so dell is sending me a new hard drive but obviously I'm skeptical.

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13-11-2021 11:00 AM

Problem solved?

11-01-2023 01:00 AM

no, far from it. When enabling S3 like described here : the output of powercfg /a shows S3 sleep is available (and S0 not).

The problem is then like many describe, that the machine seems to sleep, but cannot wake.
Interestingly, the option to disable S3 is in the BIOS ( running latest 1.19) so one would expect it to work when not disabled - except it does not.

This is a BIOS bug that Dell should address.
A similar issue is described here :

I hope Dell engineering can fix this properly, especially on a 'premium' machine like this, because to me this feels far from premium.

11-01-2023 04:00 AM

update: it gets worse, the S3 sleep registry setting that was originally used did not work, but the new one does : ( instead of

CsEnabled=0 it is

That enabled S3 but as reported on the internet that just results in the laptop showing a Dell logo when waking from sleep and being stuck.

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