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February 21st, 2024 14:27

Dell Support Assist 4.0

Version 4.0 updated onto my all-in-one. It didn't work (kept saying I needed to restart). I uninstalled then reinstalled it. 4.0 appeared again. Ditto issues. Uninstalled/reinstalled again. Old version appeared & did not work properly. After 3 days working with Dell Support, told there are several issues with 4.0, especially with all-in-ones (any BTW, that team did not tell the general support team until they pushed). I was told it should work itself out in the next couple weeks. (I now have a mostly functioning older version of SupportAssist).

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February 21st, 2024 22:31

Version 4.0 is just not working as it should. I had to set all SA related services to manual to prevent them run on startup. With them running my system would micro freeze every 15 minutes. I have my doubts that it will work itself out in the near future. But Dell can surprise. 

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March 1st, 2024 23:45

Dell certainly can surprise. It surprises me that virtually every version of Support Assist is bugged in some fatal way.


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