• Network Attached Storage

    • Taming data growth with network attached storage

    • Digital content has become indispensable to business operations – unlocking its potential is critical to business competitiveness. But as data volumes double every two to three years worldwide, traditional storage solutions no longer deliver the speed, flexibility and ease-of-use that IT teams require. File-based data tends to lead all types of information in terms of growth, and the majority of that data is stored in unstructured form. That’s why, to extract the most value from their data assets, companies today need faster, highly scalable and secure network attached storage (NAS) solutions that can integrate easily with multicloud infrastructure to deliver cost-efficient file storage.

      Isilon, a family of network attached storage solutions, enables you to accelerate new workloads, create new opportunities and exploits new efficiencies to move your organization forward on the journey to IT modernization. 

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      Unlock the value of your data capital and turn data into your most valuable asset with flash storage, cloud storage and data protection from Dell.

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      Unity XT midrange storage is built new from the ground up to deliver unified storage speed and efficiency and built for a multicloud world.

    • Isilon Scale-out Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

      Isilon unstructured data storage with with massive scalability is the industry’s #1 family of scale-out network-attached storage systems.

    • Choosing the right network attached storage

    • To maximize the business value of “data capital,” organizations need a modern network attached storage infrastructure that is:

      • Massively scalable. It’s easy for data to get siloed when your file storage system can’t handle rapid growth. A multi-protocol, single-namespace data lake is essential for scalability and leveraging data capital.
      • Seamless interoperability. To unlock the value in data, NAS systems must enable connections to a variety of analytics vendors that can help to extract the insight that can lead to digital transformation.
      • Extreme performance. Applications increasingly greater speed and bandwidth, and next-gen network attached storage systems must deliver extraordinary performance to keep up.
      • Bullet-proof security. As the threat landscape continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, NAS systems must data security through encrypted data transfers across clusters and data at rest encryption.
      • Integration with a multicloud of structure. More than 75% of organizations that use Infrastructure-as-a-Service are leveraging more than one public cloud service provider, making it vital that their network attached storage system can extend to a multicloud storage infrastructure.

      Isilon meets and exceeds these stringent requirements to accommodate the most demanding enterprise file workloads while enabling organizations to extract more value from their data capital.

    • Isilon delivers scale-out network attached storage

    • Isilon is a powerful network attached storage solution that is highly efficient, simple to scale and easy to manage. As the industry’s #1 family of scale-out NAS systems, Isilon easily integrates with a choice of cloud services and, through built-in data analytics support, enables you to unlock data capital to accelerate digital transformation.

      Isilon NAS solutions are simple to manage, no matter how large your data becomes. Automated tiered storage, data reduction options and up to 80% storage utilization help to cut costs and consolidate file workloads. And with the ability to scale easily from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes without disruption, Isilon is ready to take on any data storage challenge.

      The Isilon includes a family of network storage products, all running on the Isilon OneFS distributed file system operating system:

      • Isilon All-Flash helps to accelerate demanding file workloads with extreme performance and efficiency.
      • Isilon Hybrid enables organizations to realize performance, capacity and value for a wide range of file workloads.
      • Isilon Archive helps to lower the cost of storing and protecting aging data assets while delivering near-primary accessibility.

    • Top reasons to choose network attached storage from Dell

    • Customers choose Dell Isilon NAS systems when they want to:

      • Simplify storage management. Isilon storage systems are simple to install, manage and scale to virtually any size, enabling organizations to manage growing data volumes without adding storage administrators.
      • Ensure easy scalability. With up to 252 nodes in an Isilon cluster, you can easily scale cluster capacity from tens of terabytes to tens of petabytes of storage.
      • Gain greater efficiency. Isilon solutions deliver up to 80% storage utilization, and powerful data de-duplication software enables further reduction in storage requirements by up to 30%. The high-density design of Isilon storage also helps to minimize data center footprint and related costs by as much as 75%.
      • Deliver higher availability. A highly resilient architecture and non-disruptive upgrades help to ensure complete availability of your data.
      • Improve security and compliance. Security and compliance needs can be addressed with a broad range of security options, including data at rest encryption with self-encrypted drives to protect against data theft or loss.
      • Enjoy greater flexibility. Integrated support for a wide range of industry-standard protocols enable organizations to provide an efficient and flexible shared storage infrastructure to consolidate a wide range of applications and workloads.
      • Extend data lakes. Isilon solutions enable you to consolidate and provide a single pool of storage for all unstructured data, extending your data lake from enterprise edge locations to your core data center and the cloud.
      • Choose deployment models. Dell Isilon can be deployed as an appliance, software-defined, converged infrastructure or cloud-enabled storage.

    • Future-proofing your network attached storage solution

    • Dell’s Future-Proof Loyalty Program provides customers with investment protection that ensures storage products like Dell Isilon can provide value for the entire lifetime of their applications. Leveraging the strength of Dell Technologies, the Dell Future Proof offering is the industry’s strongest and most encompassing loyalty program.

      The Future-Proof Loyalty Program delivers advantages that include:

      • A three-year guarantee that products will perform as stated in product specifications.
      • Investment protection that enables organizations to optimize financial resources and accurately predict future cost.
      • Hardware investment protection that offers the opportunity to trade in existing or competitive systems for credit toward next-generation Dell storage product offerings.

    • FAQs: What is network attached storage?

    • What is network attached storage? 

      Network attached storage (NAS) is an IP-based file-sharing device that’s attached to a local area network. NAS can serve a variety of clients and servers over an IP network. A NAS device uses its own operating system and integrated hardware and software to deliver a range of file service needs.

      Why is network attached storage important?

      Network attached storage enables organizations to:

      • Simplify management of data storage.
      • Enable comprehensive data access and filesharing.
      • Easily scale storage capacity and performance.
      • Increase efficiency with centralized storage.
      • Increase availability with efficient data replication and recovery options.
      • Secure data with user authentication and file locking.    
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