• Custom deployment services

    • Versatile services to maximize technology on day one

      You’re facing an infrastructure update that requires a technology deployment, executed in a specific way in a challenging environment.  Can you maximize the investment and get results within your timeline?

      Dell Technologies Services provides a wide range of deployment services to fit almost any circumstance or requirement. Worldwide resources and 35+ years experience in even the most extreme conditions, will help you get you to your future state.

      Key Benefits

      • Wide range of services from technology configuration to full mobile data center construction.
      • Solution based services to match individual projects
      • Elite delivery methodologies and
    • Watch our factory in action
    • Custom Rack Integration Services

      Systems racked and ready to roll

      • End-to-end project management
      • Solution and rack layout engineering
      • Physical integration and validation
      • Logistics, deployment, and installation
    • ProDeploy Enterprise

      Focus on business while we do the heavy lifting

      • Three great choices for more complex deployments
      • Onsite hardware installation
      • Remote or Onsite software installation
      • Project planning
      • 30 days post deployment and more

      Valuable resources, insights and server configuration information

    • Pre-Configured Servers Reduce Time Onsite and Speed Deployment

      Steve Seserman, Director, Dell Technologies Deployment Services, shares his thoughts about  best practices in receiving servers ready-to-install.

    • ProDeploy Enterprise Suite

      Services designed to complement your business model whether you have an experienced IT staff or no staff at all. The right assistance to fit your evolving needs.