We're using the power of technology to drive digital inclusion

    • Transforming Lives Moonshot Goal

      With our technology and scale, we will advance health and education through digital inclusion initiatives aimed at delivering enduring results for 1 billion people by 2030.

    • Each year through 2030, 50% of the people empowered by our social and education initiatives will be those who identify as girls, women or underrepresented groups

    • Each year through 2030, 75% of our employees will participate in giving or volunteerism in their communities

    • By 2030, we will use our expertise and technology to help 1,000 nonprofit partners digitally transform to better serve their communities

    • Aligning our work to deliver digital opportunities for all

    • Digital inclusion

      We are using our technology, scale, and expertise to bring more people into the digital world by providing access to technology and skill building opportunities to communities in need.

    • Quality healthcare

      When we help communities and individuals live healthier lives, they can focus on education and seizing the opportunities of a digital world. We supported the expansion of research access and computing capacity through our work with partner organizations.

    • Giving and volunteering

      Our team members are passionate and engaged in our commitment to create a better world for everyone. It’s why we provide them with the tools, resources and opportunities to support the people, organizations and communities they care about.

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    • Our FY22 ESG Report

      In our annual ESG report, we demonstrate how we’re creating a positive impact on people and the planet for 2030 and beyond.

    • Digital Inclusion

      How we’ll close the digital divide

      COVID-19 has exposed the digital divide. John Roese, global chief technology officer at Dell Technologies discusses what needs to happen in order to close it.


      Digital LifeCare

      Digital LifeCare is a comprehensive technology solution to support the Government of India’s program for screening and managing noncommunicable diseases (NCDs).


      Solar Community Hubs

      The Solar Community Hubs help improve the lives of the people living in the Amazon and, in doing so, help cultivate a more sustainable relationship between the rainforest and its residents.


      Read more about how we do business

      We have strict standards that guide how we do business, as well as those who do business with us.

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    • Join us and bring digital access to students worldwide

      Our Solar Community Hubs help underserved students develop the skills to compete in the digital economy.

    • Digital literacy for an inclusive future

      To deliver digital literacy Dell Technologies supports individuals in learning digital skills via hybrid learning, STEM education and blended programs.