• Cloud Storage

    • Managing cloud storage for hybrid environments

    • As organizations look to overcome barriers to hybrid cloud adoption, finding suitable cloud storage options is a critical priority. Hybrid cloud environments are designed to provide greater application and data portability, allowing IT teams to move workloads to the cloud resources that can best improve performance and reduce costs. Achieving this flexibility requires hybrid cloud storage solutions that can be managed easily, that provide flexible consumption options and that can be integrated with both public and private cloud infrastructure.

      As a leading provider of hybrid cloud solutions, Dell Technologies offers powerful cloud storage options that enable a simpler and faster path to hybrid cloud deployment.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      APEX Data Storage Services is an on-premises, as-a-service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment.*

      *OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies. 

    • VMware Cloud on Dell

      A VMware managed on-premesis infrastructure, delivered as-a-service designed to run your most critical business workloads.

    • Cloud Data Protection

      Ensure cloud protection and data retention with the #1 Cloud Data Protection and data backup solution for your hybrid cloud.

    • Cloud storage from Dell Technologies

    • APEX is a solution jointly engineered with VMware that makes hybrid cloud environments easier to deploy and manage. Built on VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF), APEX is a set of infrastructure solutions that provides a single operational hub to simplify management of private clouds, public clouds and edge locations. IT teams can deploy workloads and manage storage on premises or via cloud environments, taking advantage of a variety of consumption options.

      In addition to a cloud platform and Data Center-as-a-Service solution, APEX provides Validated Designs that offer best-of-breed Dell Technologies storage technologies, along with compute and networking solutions. These technologies are pre-tested and validated to work with VCF, allowing organizations to meet varied demands of workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage resources.

    • Cloud storage with pre-tested designs

    • Unity XT and PowerMax cloud storage solutions are available as Validated Designs for hybrid and multicloud storage deployment. 

      Unity XT provides a midrange storage solution that’s built to deliver unified storage speed and efficiency for a multicloud world. Unity XT All-Flash and hybrid flash arrays are designed for performance, providing high-speed access to data with a modern architecture that is NVMe-ready. A 5:1 data reduction ratio provides more effective capacity and flexible cloud consumption options make Unity XT ideal for storage in cloud deployments.

      PowerMax is the world’s fastest data storage array, offering end-to-end NVMe, storage class memory, real-time machine learning and bandwidth up to 350 GB per second. With PowerMax, IT teams can consolidate block, file, mainframe and IBM workloads along with modern, real-time analytics apps on a single array. A real-time machine learning engine automatically optimizes performance with no overhead. And in-line, global de-dupe and compression add extreme efficiency to the data center even when scaling.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services

    • Cloud storage services from Dell Technologies provide scalable, resilient cloud-attached storage with agile multicloud access. This Storage-as-a-Service solution is ideal for securely moving or deploying demanding applications in the cloud, including disaster recovery, analytics, test/dev applications and others. By freeing IT teams from system management, cloud storage services help to optimize costs while providing greater control over data.
      Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services enable enterprises to leverage their clouds of choice and switch between them at any time based on application needs and business requirements. Cloud storage services also enable enterprises to:
      • Get to the cloud faster and achieve higher application performance.
      • Trust the reliability of Dell Technologies Cloud data storage technology that offers up to six 9s availability and enterprise-grade security. 
      • Gain the agility of multicloud access while maintaining control of data, moving data from non-premises infrastructure to the cloud as needed.

    • Modernize IT with cloud-enabled infrastructure

    • Additional solutions from Dell Technologies provide cloud-enabled solutions that help to modernize current IT operations.

      • ClarityNow provides a unified view of all file and object storage on premises and in the cloud.
      • Isilon CloudPools software offers policy-based, automatic tiering, creating an additional storage tier for Isilon clusters by seamlessly integrating with the cloud.
      • CloudIQ makes daily storage management tasks easy despite limited staff and budgets.
      • Cloud Data Protection products manage backup and recovery to the cloud, protect workloads running in the cloud, and support long-term retention by managing tiered storage in the cloud.
      • Unity Cloud Edition and Cloud Tiering Appliance let IT deploy a virtual storage appliance in the cloud or automatically tier storage to the cloud.

    • FAQs: What is cloud storage?

    • What is cloud storage?

      Cloud storage is a technology for storing data that involves transmitting it via the internet to remote storage systems where it is stored, managed, backed up and made available to users as needed. Cloud storage may be delivered by a service provider or by a company’s own data center, or a combination of both.

      What is cloud object storage?

      Cloud object storage is a storage architecture that manages data as objects rather than files. Objects contain data, metadata and a unique global identifier. Object storage is preferred for cloud applications because it supports unlimited scalability, accessibility via common APIs, and the ability to use a namespace, which can span multiple instances of physical hardware.

      What is hybrid cloud storage?

      Hybrid cloud storage is a storage architecture that uses both on-premises and off-site cloud resources, enabling data administrators to use the hybrid architecture as a single storage space. Hybrid cloud storage enable enterprises to store data on the local or cloud storage device that will enable superior performance while reducing costs. 

      A hybrid cloud is a cloud environment that uses a combination of public, private and edge cloud resources. Hybrid cloud computing enables IT teams to choose the ideal cloud platform for each workload to improve application performance and reduce costs. 

    • APEX Storage

      Combine cost-effective, scalable and resilient data storage with native public cloud services.

    • Dell Technologies Services

      Our industry experts offer strategic guidance and proven practical capabilities to help you accelerate time to value of your transformation objectives for edge, core and cloud strategies.

    • APEX Flex on Demand

      Acquire the technology you need to support your changing business with APEX Flex on Demand. Achieve payments that scale to match your actual usage.