• Dell APEX High Performance Computing

    Accelerate time to innovation and discovery

    Intel® Innovation Built-in

      Focus on your HPC workloads, leave the rest to us

      Dell APEX High Performance Computing (HPC) is sold as a subscription, fully managed as-a-Service, and deployed in your datacenter or at a colocation as a dedicated, single tenant solution. Dell provides the infrastructure and manages it through deployment, operations, monitoring, optimization, support, and decommissioning. A Customer Success Manager is your trusted advisor at every step. 

      Our solutions are based on Dell Validated Designs for life sciences and digital manufacturing with all hardware and a software layer for cluster management, container orchestration, and job scheduling.

    • Selecting the right solution is easy with these choices:

      Dell Validated Solutions
      • Compute intensive: 512GB, appropriate for Digital Manufacturing
      • Memory intensive: 1024GB, appropriate for Life Sciences

      System Size
      • Small: 1728 processor cores, 336TB Network File Storage
      • Medium: 4224 processor cores, 672TB Network File Storage
      • Large: 9216 processor cores, 1.28PB Network File Storage

      • Performance: Intel Gold 2.6 GHz
      • Value: Intel Gold 2.0 GHz

      Add-on GPU option
      • 1 GPU instance: 4 X A100 GPUs
      • 2 GPU instances: 8 X A100 GPUs

      • Kubernetes or Apptainer/Singularity

      • 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscriptions

      Dell Apex High Performance Computing Solution
    • Subscription and flexible capacity

      Dell APEX High Performance Computing is sold as a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription. Your subscription includes flexible capacity, which is additional compute power and storage beyond your committed capacity. Choose the system size that will allow you to run your HPC workloads within the committed capacity, leaving the flexible capacity for peak periods or unexpected resource demands.

    • System Size Processor Cores and Network File Storage  (NFS)  Committed Capacity 
      Small 1,728 cores, 336TB Power Edge NFS  1,296 cores (75%), 252TB (75%) 
      Medium 4,224 cores, 672TB Power Edge NFS  3,168 cores (75%), 504TB (75%)  
      Large 9,216 cores, 1.28PB Power Scale NFS  6,912 cores (75%), 0.64PB (50%) 
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      Accelerate time to innovation and discovery

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      Dell APEX High Performance Computing enables you to focus on innovation, we manage the rest  

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    • Offer not available in all locations. Please contact your Dell Sales Representative for more information.