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    Our Digital Transformation: Sharing what we've learned inside Dell Technologies

    • Powered by our technology. Driven by our people.

      IT must be front and center when it’s supporting a 150,000-strong workforce focused on creating the technologies that drive human progress. Dell Digital, our IT organization, is leading our digital transformation journey. Built on our own solutions, Dell Digital is reimagining how it does business to meet everchanging needs, driving innovation and creating a cultural shift throughout the company.

    • Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, explains that in order to transform the way IT supports, enables, and interacts with the business, it required a companywide rethinking of people, processes, and technology.

    • Now is the time for organizations to optimize for ongoing success – increasing agility with multicloud flexibility and enabling teams to work and learn from anywhere.

      Jen Felch, CIO, Dell Technologies
    • Letting developers do what they do best

      Developers are the critical path to Dell’s transformation. Jen Felch, Chief Digital Officer and CIO, talks about how Dell Digital used automation to improve our developer experience and dramatically increase developer productivity.

    • Taking digital transformation global

      You'll find Dell Digital team members everywhere from the U.S. to Brazil. Uniting us is a single methodology that’s focused on people, processes and technology. This methodology not only unifies how we work, it enables us to design, develop, iterate and deliver new products and capabilities quicker than ever before.

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    • Our World-class Developer Experience

      Learn about Dell’s ongoing strategy to empower our developers.

      Dell IT shares best practices on how we transformed our developer experience through standardization and automation.

      • What's New

      • How Dell Improved IT Developer Productivity
        Learn about Dell IT’s productive development framework.

      • Scalable and Reliable eCommerce Sites With SRE
        Learn how SRE helps Dell IT’s Global eCommerce Experience organization.

      • Equipping Developers With Application Intelligence

        Equipping Developers With Application Intelligence

        See how we’re providing development teams with tools to better understand the products they build.

      • How Dell IT is Driving Data-as-a-product

        How Dell IT is Driving Data-as-a-product

        Dell is unlocking data value by partnering with the business.

      • Spinning Up Two Data Centers in 90 Days

        Our software-defined storage strategy led to record IT footprint expansion.

    • Resources

      Dell experiences and insights you can use

    • Inside Dell Digital’s Transformation

      Gain insights from six of our top digital transformation stories inside Dell Digital.

    • Workforce Personalization at Scale

      Find out how Dell Digital is keeping pace with the changing workforce by redefining worker personas and tracking systems and satisfaction data.

    • Digital Transformation in Action

      Learn how Dell Digital uses our own technologies to create better experiences for our team members and customers.