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    • Ensure cloud security with Dell CloudLink™

    • As enterprises look to reap the benefits of hybrid cloud infrastructure, data security must be a critical priority. Traditional security controls are no longer useful when data resides across multiple public and private clouds. Encryption at the storage infrastructure level and virtual machine level can help. But these approaches require a key management solution that won’t burden IT teams with a rigid, hard-to-manage technology that must be re-architected for every new application. 

      CloudLink™ is a flexible data encryption and key management solution for data at rest in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. With simple, independent control of sensitive data and workloads, CloudLink lets IT teams secure and maintain control of VMs and sensitive data on premises or in the cloud.

    • Cloud Data Protection

      Ensure cloud protection and data retention with the #1 Cloud Data Protection and data backup solution for your hybrid cloud.

    • Security challenges in a hybrid cloud environment

    • Hybrid cloud computing offers extraordinary benefits for flexible deployment, scalable infrastructure and cost-effective use of resources. It also raises a number of data security issues. 

      In a hybrid cloud model, data resides in a multi-tenant, software-defined compute, network and storage architecture. IT teams are responsible for securing their sensitive data across private and public clouds, addressing regulatory requirements, privacy concerns and data remanence issues. 

      Encryption technologies essential. Virtual machine-level encryption provides a portable solution that’s agnostic to the infrastructure in a hybrid cloud and can secure virtual machines during migration. Encryption at the storage infrastructure level is also an option, providing an easy way to secure data that is transparent to the applications consuming storage in physical and virtual infrastructures. 

      The key to deploying either approach to encryption is a robust key management solution that can ensure that keys remain in the control of data security administrators. That’s where CloudLink can help. 

    • CloudLink: a new approach to cloud encryption

    • CloudLink simplifies cloud security by providing policy-based key management and supporting multiple data-at-rest encryption options for virtual machines across a wide range of cloud platforms. Working with native OS encryption, CloudLink can protect VMs and sensitive data while meeting security, compliance and regulatory requirements. Along with best-in-class performance, CloudLink avoids the risks associated with proprietary encryption tools.

      CloudLink enhances cloud security by providing:

      • FIPS 140-2 certified encryption and key management
      • A single management interface and REST APIs for greater ease-of-use
      • Support for VMware, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services environments
      • Flexible, full lifecycle key management in the cloud and on premises
      • A lightweight CloudLink Agent that can be deployed seconds

    • Benefits for cloud security

    • By managing encryption and cloud security with CloudLink, you can:

      • Enjoy independent control of data in public clouds and shared infrastructure.
      • Choose the most appropriate encryption solution for your cloud security requirements from multiple VM-level and VxFlex OS device encryption options.
      • Easily deploy encryption in new or existing applications without the need to re-architect the solution.
      • Protect against data leakage from swap, configuration and temporary files with boot volume encryption.
      • Avoid cloud lock-in and address data remanence with broad cloud support.
      • Rely on trusted and familiar OS encryption tools for higher performance, complete application transparency and confidence that future OS versions will be supported.

    • Additional cloud solutions from Dell Technologies

    • CloudLink is part of a family of cloud-enabled infrastructure from Dell Technologies that makes it possible to seamlessly extend your data center to the cloud. From solutions for cloud data storage, protection and connection to cloud analytics that proactively monitor and manage infrastructure and data, our cloud-enabled products and services add immediate value to your cloud operations. 

      APEX is a suite of cloud solutions that utilize the expertise of Dell Technologies to provide a consistent operating model for easier management across a hybrid cloud environment. With a turnkey platform, pre-tested infrastructure and a subscription-based Data Center-as-a-Service solution, APEX simplifies operations, improves cloud economics and provides access to the world’s broadest cloud provider ecosystem. 

    • FAQs: What is cloud security?

    • What cloud security?

      Cloud security encompasses security technologies, policies, procedures and controls that together protect cloud infrastructure and the applications, systems and data that run or reside on it. Threats to cloud security include malicious attacks that result in data breaches and theft, misconfigurations and leaks that inadvertently expose data and insider threats that result in cybersecurity breaches. 

      What are the challenges of cloud security in a hybrid environment?

      With a mix of public, private edge cloud resources, a hybrid cloud environment poses visibility and control challenges for IT teams as they seek to secure data. Compliance and governance can be an issue as well, as a heterogeneous mix of systems makes it harder to perform the tasks required for a security audit.  

      How does CloudLink improve cloud security?

      CloudLink simplifies cloud security by enabling IT teams to leverage a single key management solution for multiple environments, securing data across public, private and edge cloud platforms with confidence.

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