JANA Investment Advisers

    • JANA Investment Advisers focuses on protecting their valuable data and preparing for disaster

      JANA needed modern data protection and cloud disaster recovery to respond to increasing industry regulations and ensure the availability of the data that drives the insights they deliver to their clients. Their existing backup hardware was aging, and their third-party DR site did not provide the visibility and control they wanted. They modernized with a Dell EMC IDPA DP4400, which backs up their on-premises workloads and replicates to Avamar Virtual Edition and PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition in AWS. It’s a single-vendor solution that protects their data on-premises and in the cloud.

    • Data drives investment, so protecting it is essential

      JANA needed modern data protection and cloud disaster recovery (DR). With Dell EMC Data Protection, it simplified and improved compliance with industry and government regulations. It also enabled cloud DR and easy DR testing. JANA is now a more resilient company.

    • Investing in the future in more ways than one

      JANA Investment Advisers is Australia’s leading investment consultancy. To keep their data safe and comply with stringent government and industry regulations, it chose Dell EMC IDPA DP4400 to back up on-premises.

    • No other data protection solution in the market comes close

      As JANA moved increasingly to the cloud, it needed a reliable backup and data protection strategy. The Dell integrated appliance was perfect, because it straddled on-premises and cloud recovery with no failures and a great deduplication rate.

    • "It’s a real benefit that Dell EMC data protection is so tightly integrated with VMware. On-prem we have a set of our data and in the cloud, another set of our data, plus Cloud DR. Now we can protect everything successfully, and within the backup window. Our key servers are up there in AWS, they’re protected, they’re secured. We have rapid recovery for some of our VMs so that if we did have a DR event, we wouldn’t be out for too long.


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    • Customer: JANA Investment Advisers
      Industry: Finance & Insurance
      Location: Australia

      • Integrations

      • Cloud Data Recovery (DR)
        Cloud DR lets JANA test response systems seamlessly and transparently.

      • Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)
        With IDPA, JANA can run DR from the cloud and back up all workloads to AWS.

      • PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition
        JANA uses PowerProtect DD to replicate its data.

      • Data Protection Suite
        JThe user-friendly Data Protection Suite makes it simple for JANA to move forward.

    • JANA Investment Advisers participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.