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    Konica Minolta

    • Realizing X-ray that moves using technology that transforms

      Konica Minolta is applying its more than 150 years of experience in imaging toward a new game-changing invention, Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR). Because of the technology's ability to visualize movement inside the body, DDR may enable doctors to diagnose conditions such as lung disease earlier. And Dell Technologies hardware is at the center of it all.


    • Moving medical testing forward.

      To make DDR a reality, Konica Minolta needed powerful hardware that could process up to 300 images in a single scan and animate those images in mere minutes. They found it with Dell Technologies. 

      By combining the widespread availability of X-ray machines with advanced hardware, Konica Minolta and Dell Technologies hope to give doctors the tools they need to save lives.

    • In the future, we believe data will guide every medical decision. That's why technology will be key for every healthcare company.

      Kiyotaka Fujii, President of Global Healthcare at Konica Minolta
    • Smarter predictions. Faster.

      Moving X-rays not only help doctors and patients more, it’s helping artificial intelligence, too. Because of DDR’s processing power, AI can be used to better analyze these X-ray scans and make predictions. These predictions can even show doctors lung ventilation and perfusion (oxygen and blood flow). With all this data, doctors can more easily determine the patient's surgical or treatment plan.

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    • Customer: Konica Minolta
      Industry: Healthcare
      Location: Tokyo, Japan

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    • Enhancing patient care with IT

      Enhancing patient care with IT

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