Procurement Integration


Integrate procurement to modernize

With Dell Premier, customers can connect procurement systems, from catalog to checkout, to optimize the buying process. Securely shop a customized catalog from within integrated procurement systems.

  • Increase efficiency by integrating procurement.
  • Virtually eliminate double-entry and other ordering errors with streamlined procurement.
  • Save time and money with electronic ordering.

Planning and buying convenience

Planning and buying convenience

Utilize your existing procurement system and leverage the features of Premier when procuring IT.

Reduce spending. Improve sustainability

Reduce spending. Improve sustainability.

Reduce paper use in the ordering process to minimize your operating costs and your environmental footprint.

Expand automation and efficiency

Expand automation and efficiency

Electronic invoicing and payments can optimize your business and reduce order-processing errors significantly over offline methods.

Rely on Dell experts

Rely on Dell experts

Leverage Dell expertise to guide you through the entire process of adopting, integrating and ordering through Premier.

Procurement Integration Capabilities and Features

Prepare and save system configurations and orders for purchase at a later date.
Set company-wide standards for product specifications, custom services, shipping options and pricing.
Optimize business with electronic invoicing and electronic payments.

Shop a complete line of business-class products, software & accessories directly from your Premier site or procurement system.
Use existing purchasing system to access your Dell Premier catalog: PunchOut or Buyer-hosted.
Build fully customizable solutions.
Centralize purchasing, no matter location, through one online portal.
Electronic purchase orders: replace email and faxed purchase orders, effectively eliminating paperwork in the process.
Electronic payments using Automatic Clearing House (ACH).

24/7 Dell Customer and Technical Support.
Receive timely order status updates: order received, order confirmed, order shipped.
Easily access and manage saved billing and shipping address information.
Give users ability to set billing and shipping preferences.
Set and maintain Standard Configurations for specific user groups.
Control approvals (prevent unauthorized spending), helping to streamline approvals and order processing.
Self-integrate your procurement system with the new Premier self-integration tool.
Electronic invoicing (Not available in all regions).

procurement integration

How the procurement integration process works.

  1. Access your organization’s unique catalog, offering only your organization’s agreed-upon products, prices and standard configurations:
    • Choose an online PunchOut catalog hosted by Dell or a buyer-hosted catalog.
    • Dell recommends a PunchOut catalog because it provides a more efficient and flexible shopping experience than does a buyer-hosted catalog.
  2. Your purchasing system transmits the electronic purchase order to Dell ensuring that we receive and process your orders without manual intervention, increasing order accuracy.
  3. Dell sends an electronic invoice to your purchasing system.
  4. Dell sends you electronic payment and remittance advice to complete the end-to-end process.
Learn more about what to expect during the procurement integration process by downloading our procurement integration guide.

ERP Integration – What platforms does Dell support?

Our integration team of experts has decades of experience supporting customers with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. We can support integrations with almost any procurement system, including those most widely used across the IT procurement industry, and we have proven relationships with the vast majority of e-purchasing vendors around the globe.

Our procurement integration solution can work for customers who use any purchasing system for e-procurement. Even if you don't see your company's system listed above, our experts will help you implement a plan for your IT procurement that works best for you.

CommerceHubPerfect Commerce
ConnectWise (Quosal)QuoteWerks
IvaluaSmart by GEP
JAGGAER (SciQuest)Unimarket
Munis (Tyler Tech)Workday
Oracleand many others...

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