Collège Boréal

    • Saving time and money on data protection to focus on what matters — students.

      Collège Boréal saved significant time and money with Dell EMC's Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). They now need to back up only a fraction of their source data and nightly backup windows complete in half the time. In fact, their bottleneck is now core network infrastructure and slower servers — they can't feed data to the IDPAs fast enough to meet its ingestion rate!

    • Providing consistent access to records and files

      Collège Boréal needs to provide 24x7 access to student, financial and administrative files. Dell EMC IDPA was the perfect solution. Backup times and costs were minimized, and the entire deployment only took two and a half days.

    • Learning through doing: better storage, reliability, and speed

      Collège Boréal had an IT strategy of survival, trying to find ways to save while finding systems that worked. Dell EMC provided a simple and cost-effective way for the college to achieve faster backups, better stability, and a 300% deduplication rate.

    • Saving money and time with IDPA

      Benoit Bonin, Director of IT, Collège Boréal, says that Dell EMC’s IDPA highlights the value of integrated backups. The college’s numbers seem almost unbelievable; IDPA saves money and time that are important to the university’s operations.

    • Integration makes troubleshooting a breeze

      For Collège Boréal, funding for its IT strategy is always a challenge. Its legacy systems had limited storage and lengthy backup times. With Dell EMC Data Protection, the college has one number to call if it has a problem, because the solution is 100% integrated.

    • "We couldn't be more pleased with Dell EMC's Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). We are up and running with little to no effort! Dell EMC really highlights the true value of integrated backup and recovery solutions and our numbers seem almost unbelievable."

      Benoit Bonin, Director of IT, Collège Boréal

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    • Customer: Collège Boréal
      Industry:  Higher Education
      Location: United States

      • Integrations

      • Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA)

        IDPA offers Collège Boréal a simple and effective interface for data.

      • Data Protection

        Collège Boréal enjoys integrated Data Protection that decreases costs and increases efficiency.

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