Westgate Resorts

    • Westgate Resorts welcomes cloud-capable data protection

    • Westgate Resorts, a hospitality timeshare company with 27 properties and over 10,000 employees, is growing--but their data protection solution wasn’t cost effective as they expanded. By switching to Dell EMC Data Protection, they’re able to grow while easily protecting, managing and monitoring their data. By using Data Domain Cloud Tier to Microsoft Azure, they’ve been able to utilize cloud services for at a fraction of the cost of keeping old backups on their primary storage.

    • Simple to manage, restore, and maintain

      Dell EMC Data Protection provides the performance, stability, and speed necessary for Westgate Resorts to support its tier 1 apps. It now takes a smaller staff to maintain the solution, which produces significant savings.

    • The protection they need and the value they deserve

      To safeguard the data that connects its thousands of villas across 27 properties, Westgate Resorts trusts Dell EMC. Now it can run its business securely and efficiently, today and into the future.

    • Faster speeds, better protection, and lower costs for customers

      Westgate Resorts’ streamlined scalability meets business growth demands. Dell EMC solutions reduce backup times, speed up recovery times and enable Westgate Resorts to invest in backup storage in the cloud without requiring rehydration.

    • "Before, nightly backups took 5-6 hours and monthly full backups required 10-12 hours. With Dell EMC Data Protection, nightly backups execute in one hour and full backups complete in three hours."

      —Brian Grell , Systems Engineer, Westgate Resorts

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    • Customer: Westgate Resorts
      Industry: Hospitality & Travel
      Location: United States

      • Integrations

      • DD Boost

        Westgate used DD Boost to dramatically reduce backup windows.

      • Data Protection Software (DPS)

        DPS protects Westgate’s mission-critical applications across its enterprise environment.

      • Isilon

        Isilon allows Westgate to grow while simplifying data protection.

      • Unity

        Unity reduces costs while improving performance and stability for business applications.

      • PowerProtect DD Suite Appliances

        Westgate can manage PowerProtect DD Suite Appliances easily.

    • This company participates in the Dell Technologies Customer Advocacy Program.