• Remote Work Solutions

    • Remote Work Solutions for IT, User and Business Alignment

    • Turn challenges into opportunities. Rain into rainbows. As trite as these old adages might be, you have to admit that they are persistently true. There are so many times that the needs and aims of users, the business and IT appear to be simultaneously and irrevocably in opposition. Then you hit upon the right solution and suddenly everything is in perfect alignment. At Dell Technologies we’ve mastered the art of turning lemons into lemonade. Our winning approach is simple: offer more products, services and experience than just about anyone else. Here are just a few examples of our remote work solutions.

    • Unified Workspace - Workforce Transformation

      Dell Technologies Unified Workspace enables companies to deploy, secure, manage and support devices from the cloud.

    • Remote Work Solutions – Unified Services Portal

    • Providing support to a rapidly increasing number of remote workers often triggers the three-way tug of war between users, the business and IT. Users expect speed and clear choices delivered as a personalized consumer-grade experience. The business wants to keep workers productive while reducing costs. IT needs to maximize automation and remote IT capabilities to increase operational efficiency and not exceed capacity.

      Dell Technologies expert consultants can help you build a unified services portal that makes it fast and easy for users to access IT services from anywhere in the world. At the same time it will reduce administrative costs, boost employee productivity and capture the data you need to tune your offerings and precisely plan to meet the needs of the business. As part of this service, Dell Technologies consultants will:

      • Create an easy to use self-service storefront where users can view available IT services and place orders.
      • Launch quickly by customizing proprietary framework templates available for multiple platforms – ServiceNow, VMware vRealize Suite, Microsoft SharePoint, HTML/JavaScript, and more.
      • Leverage the experience of hundreds of implementations.

      Help you to reduce costs and improve productivity of users and IT staff.

    • Remote Work Solutions – Communication and Collaboration

    • Dell Technologies has the products and expertise to design and implement a unified communication solution that satisfies the demands of users, business and IT. An easily scalable modular system that can replace or integrate with your current email, voicemail, telephony and video conferencing platforms for full convergence. We can help you achieve a cost-effective transformation that brings increased efficiency to IT via a unified interface and keeps your s connected so they can work as a single team in a virtual workspace.

      As one of the largest resellers of the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem, we can give you access to strategic and technical services powered by the experience of thousands of implementations. Our experts can help you decide which of the collaboration tools within Office 365 are the best fit for your environment, as well as establish a deployment plan that makes sense and recognize and resolve any infrastructure issues. Remote workers will love having so many resources and all their co-workers right at their fingertips. Management will certainly appreciate a remote work solution that increases productivity. IT will gain flexibility and significantly improved economics by shifting from a CAPEX model to a much more agile OPEX model.

    • Remote Work Solutions for Remote Work Challenges

    • Out of Scale. With strategic guidance, scalable technologies and hands-on support, we can help you implement remote work solutions that will grow with you.
      Security Insecurity. Seek out innovations like proximity sensors that login the user as they approach.
      Help for the Help Desk. Tap Dell Support Services to keep remote workers productive and to just keep IT workers.
      Teamwork. We are experts in the Microsoft Office 365 connected ecosystem and can take you from none to done fast.
      Critical Users. Make sure the users who need it most always have the resources they need with virtual desktop infrastructure.
      Change Resistance. Motivate adoption with the latest devices sporting the newest features.
      Too Many Clouds. Dell’s multicloud platform is a remote work solution designed to lower costs and simplify the operations of a digital workplace.

    • SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware

      Transform networking with SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware, a simple and powerful all-in-one solution.

    • Remote Worker Solutions

      All-In-One desktop with VPN allows remote workers to collaborate with colleagues, access and share files easily.

    • Building a Connected Workplace and Remote Workforce

      Dell Technologies collaboration solutions enable companies to build and support a digital connected workplace.