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    • Continuously modern storage is here. The future of storage is software-driven.

      Introducing our next generation Storage that’s software-driven to deliver a continuously modern experience that’s more adaptable, flexible and secure. Innovators rarely sit still and our software-driven storage solutions deliver the adaptable architectures, multicloud flexibility and comprehensive cyber resiliency to power your innovation, today and tomorrow. Software-driven storage that redefines ready.  Ready for intelligent insights from data. Ready for multicloud. Ready for cyber resiliency. So you’re always ready for innovation.

    • PowerStore 500T

      Deployed on its own or in scale-out clusters, new cost-effective entry model makes PowerStore accessible to more businesses and provides the catalyst for innovative edge solutions. Enterprise performance and storage services have never been more affordable.

      • Up to 1.2PBe per 2U appliance
      • Same software as other PowerStore models
      • Block, file, vVols support
    • PowerStore X Model

      Hypervisor Deployment

      Consolidate workloads by running applications directly on the array while simultaneously providing shared block storage services for external hosts.

      • NVMe all-flash or SCM optimizes performance
      • Always on” data reduction with 4:1 guarantee
      • Built-in VMware hypervisor supports external hosts and local apps at the same time for unprecedented mobility, operational consistency
      • Anytime Upgrade keeps PowerStore continuously modern without disruption
    • PowerVault ME5

      Simple. Fast. Affordable.

      • Gain performance, capacity, and simplicity for small to medium-sized businesses
      • Support many types of workloads including HPC, databases, VDI and more
      • All premium software features included
    • Unity XT

      Flexible hybrid storage for cost-sensitive enterprises

      These storage systems are the ideal solution for running general purpose workloads that do not require the low latencies and speed of all flash/NVMe architectures.

      • Low-cost base configurations
      • Workloads requiring flash and disk
      • Virtualized applications and databases

        Adapt easily and confidently to changing requirements. Plan predictably for the future, optimize investments throughout the lifecycle of your solution.

      • Reduce risk. Propel innovation. Stay competitive.

      • Free Live Optics software

        In just 24 hours Live Optics will provide insights to help optimize your current IT environment and provide cloud pricing recommendations.

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    • 1 Based on internal tests comparing PowerStore 1200T peak IOPS with PowerStore OS 3.0 vs. PowerStore 1000T with PowerStoreOS 2.1, running 8k block size with 70/30 read/write mix (50% improvement) and 100% writes (70% improvement), March 2022. Actual results may vary  

      2 Based on Dell tests of Powerstore 500T, running SQL Server OLTP (TPC-C-Like) workloads. Actual performance may vary by configuration and workload.

      3 Maximum effective capacity for largest PowerStore cluster with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStoreOS 2.0. Assumes average 4:1 data reduction. Actual results vary