• Confidently power innovation with intelligent technology

    Confidently power innovation with intelligent technology

    Keep your organization on the cutting edge of whatever’s next.

    Intel Innovation Built-in
    • Strategically out-innovate competitors and achieve breakthrough transformation by rethinking how your people, data, security and technologies converge to create optimal conditions for innovation.

      Today’s challenges demand new approaches and solutions to lay the foundation for your organization’s future. Here are some of the ideas and solutions that you should look at: 

    • Built-in end-to-end protection

      Modern security

      Distributed data, hybrid work models, multicloud environments and as-a-Service sourcing are changing almost everything we know about cybersecurity.

      • Enhance cyber resiliency for defending your data and preparing for business continuity in the face of attacks.
      • Protect your data and applications wheverever they exist, ensuring that your teams always work securely.
      • Consolidate security tools and efforts with a single partner who can customize and optimize your cybersecurity services.
      • Brief: Read how CIOs can drive cyber resilience through modern security
    • Simplicity, agility and control

      Cloud and as-a-Service

      With intelligent solutions and as-a-Service experiences everywhere you need them, your organization can achieve more while driving productivity and satisfaction to new heights.

      • Deliver a simple and seamless cloud experience across your organization.
      • Acquire and scale all of your technology in alignment with your goals and needs.
      • Develop your business on your terms, with IT technologies that allow for greater control.
      • Brief: Exceed your ambitions with intelligent, as-a-Service scaling capacity.


    • Work and learn from anywhere

      Client modernization

      Build your future-ready workforce. Your users need the best, most secure and most efficient technologies that make their lives easier and let them connect in more intelligent and authentic ways.

      • Empower work from anywhere with a flexible, resilient and modern IT environment.
      • Safeguard your distributed workforce against the evolving vulnerabilities of digital and hybrid teams.
      • Inspire creativity and spark innovation with the optimal devices, collaboration solutions and data capabilities for your organization.
      • Brief: Learn how CIOs can support work-from-anywhere organizations with people-centric technology strategies
    • Generate insights where you need them

      Edge Optimized

      Across industries, edge is the link to connect data to actionable value. Speed and precision are crucial to generate more value from data at its source.

      • Expand your edge with confidence and control by standardizing intrinsically secure, trusted and automated technologies.
      • Maximize the value of your data and unlock faster insights with AI-optimized infrastructure and data analytics.
      • Consolidate as you expand by merging multiple edge-use cases onto a modern technology foundation.
      • Brief: Deep dive into how real-time edge computing data can revolutionize an organization
    • Protecting our planet is a shared responsibility

    • Confidently meet your sustainability goals with solutions and products designed to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. At Dell Technologies, we embed sustainability and ethical practices into everything we do.

      From the materials in our products and packaging to the strength and integrity of our supply chain, we design devices with the entire lifecycle in mind. We plan to make every year our most sustainable one yet. Our 2030 goals include:

    • Sustainability

    • Collaboration that powers innovation

      There is tremendous value in sharing best practices and aligning on sustainable business practices. Vodafone and Dell Technologies work together for the advancement and acceleration of social impact initiatives and technological innovation.

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