IT Services for Small Business

Wherever you are in your digital journey, services can help navigate, accelerate and achieve your business goals.
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Don’t know where to start? Realize your business objectives faster with consultants who can design technology solutions start to finish.

Consulting Services

Partner with experts who design tailored and actionable transformational strategies with your goals in mind.

Dell Technologies Advisors
Dell Technologies Advisors are your one-stop for all your technology needs. Whether it’s storage, laptops, cloud or services, we offer tailored product solutions and expert advice to keep your business growing.



Free up time and resources by implementing your solutions correctly the first time with installation, deployment and migration services.

Client Installation Service
Liberate yourself from time-consuming PC installations.

Deployment Services for Servers and Storage
Accelerate integration and usage of your new server and storage technology.

Data Migration Services 
Speed up migrations with a consistent, predictable experience for traditional, workload, platform and cloud data.

Residency Services
Supplement your IT staff short term with customer-directed technical experts.



Stay optimized and operating at peak performance around the clock with ongoing support services for your technology.

ProSupport Suites

Reduce downtime by getting in front of potential issues with 24x7 support services available for PCs, servers, storage, networking and monitors with options for accidental damage services.

Warranty Status
Keep your PC safer, for longer by extending your warranty or upgrading your level of PC support. Call us now at 1-877-829-8323.

Warranty Extensions and Upgrades
Extend online or learn more about how warranty renewals can keep your system performing at it’s best, while minimizing out-of-warranty expenses. 



Need help with your old equipment? Seamlessly transition old technology to new technology securely and responsibly

Asset Recovery Services 
We’ll take care of the old technology, so you can focus on the new.