• About performance metrics


    About performance metrics

    Historical and real-time performance metrics

    Storage system metrics gather information about system performance and storage usage, and collect that information for user review. Analyzing the system metrics can help predict the future growth of the system.

    Historical and real-time metrics values are available in predefined intervals.

    You can manage both historical and real-time performance metrics using the Unisphere System Performance page and the CLI.

    Aging policy for historical performance metrics

    The system governs the aging of collected historical metrics data according to the following goals:

    • The total consumed space for storing metrics should not exceed 70% of the available metrics space (which is 16 G).
    • Metrics data retention is based on the sampling interval:
      Table 1. Sampling intervals
      Sampling interval
      Retention period
      1 minute
      3 days
      5 minutes
      14 days
      1 hour
      28 days
      4 hours
      90 days

    If the metrics retention policy is violated due to lack of space, the system decreases the retention period for the oldest metrics, while attempting to retain at least 24 hour's worth of data for all collected metrics. The system chooses the smallest sampling interval that can satisfy this goal without violating the first goal.