• Upgrade from "multicloud by default"

    Remove the constraints of siloed cloud ecosystems and proprietary tools with a consolidated cloud management experience. 

    Intel® Innovation Built-in

      Explore our end-to-end portfolio of as-a-Service and subscription solutions, delivered wherever applications and data live.

      • Artificial Intelligence

        Future-ready services and solutions

      • Compute & HCI

        On-premises cloud resources

      • Storage

        Elastic file, block, and backup storage services

      • Cyber & Data Protection

        Downtime mitigation and data recovery services

      • Cloud Platforms

        On-site cloud ecosystem

      • High Performance Computing

        Accelerate time to innovation and discovery

      • Device

        Secure and scalable device services

      • Custom Solutions

        Flexible consumption services tailored for your needs

    • Business Value of Dell APEX

      Customers report Dell APEX drives more efficient and effective IT operations1 with up to:

      • 60% faster to deploy new capacity
      • 39% lower 3-year cost of operations
      • 64% reduction of unplanned outages per year
    • Dell APEX Console

      The Dell APEX Console Experience

      The Dell APEX Console provides self-service access to a catalog of cloud services and guides you through the entire technology lifecycle. Subscribe, operate, optimize, and grow to meet business demands.

      Dell APEX Console
    • Dell APEX Console

      Customer Story

      Adaptable IT that flexes with the needs of the business

      BCB Medical migrates to an IT consumption model with Dell APEX Flex on Demand, lowering costs by 30% compared to the public cloud.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Dell APEX?

      Dell APEX is our end-to-end solutions portfolio offered through an as-a-Service and subscription model, where customers pay only for the services consumed.

    • What are the advantages of Dell APEX?  

      Dell APEX allows IT teams to offload responsibility for provisioning, monitoring, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and software. 

    • What solutions are available through Dell APEX?  

      The Dell APEX as-a-Service portfolio includes:

      Compute & HCI
      Scale VM workloads across data center and edge locations with Dell APEX Private Cloud. Subscribe to scalable and secure compute services with bare metal with Dell APEX Compute. 
      Elevate both public and private cloud storage capabilities. Dell APEX Storage for Private Cloud allows organizations to customize storage solutions with elastic file, block, and backup target services. Dell APEX Storage for Public Cloud makes it easy to optimize data with enterprise-class block, file, and protection storage.
      Cyber & Data Protection
      Safeguard business operations with a range of protection services. Dell APEX Backup Services scale on demand to simplify data protection. Dell APEX Data Storage Services Backup Target provides sufficient scale and secure backup storage. Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services protect critical data in a convenient subscription service.
      Cloud Platforms
      Modernize cloud deployments with Microsoft Azure, VMware, and Red Hat OpenShift platforms. Utilize cloud and on-premises resources to support IT strategy and requirements. Simplify container-based application development and management. Deploy ideal VMware multicloud services to align with business needs. Deliver consistent cloud experience for VMware workloads across multicloud environments.  
      High Performance Computing
      Provides a fully managed solution that lets IT teams focus on HPC workloads rather than deploying, monitoring, optimizing, supporting, and decommissioning technology.   
      Shift the burden of day-to-day support and PC management away from overburdened IT teams with Dell APEX Managed Device Service. Modernize IT departments with customizable software plans on top-rated Dell devices with  Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service offerings.  
      Custom Solutions
      Implement usage-based consumption on customized hardware and software configurations. Maximize scaling flexibility with a pay-per-use model across your entire IT infrastructure.
    • What is multicloud?

      Multicloud refers to the use of cloud services delivered by more than one vendor. Multicloud environments may comprise two or more public cloud services, or two or more private cloud environments. 

    • What are the challenges of managing a multicloud environment?  

      When working with multiple cloud platforms, IT teams are inevitably burdened by a level of inconsistency in the processes, tools, and skillsets required to manage each cloud. As a result, enterprises experience a loss of productivity and an inability to scale effectively, hindering innovation and increasing operational expenses.  

    • How does Dell APEX simplify multicloud management?  

      Dell APEX simplifies operations and improves cloud economics by providing a consistent management experience across all clouds. With Dell APEX, organizations can reduce complexity, improve agility, lower operational costs, and manage multicloud environments with ease. 

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      *, 3, 4. Dell APEX enables customers to deploy new capacity up to 60% faster vs other IT acquisition models and up to 38% more efficient IT infrastructure staff.  Based on an IDC White Paper commissioned by Dell Technologies and Intel: The Business Value of APEX as a Service Solutions, May 2023. Estimates based on survey of 17 organizations using APEX as a Service Solutions, aggregated and combined into a composite organization. Actual results may vary. Full report.

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