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XPS 13 Laptop

When you have 10 minutesto do 
2 hours of work

Retrace your steps with Recall and find your photos fast

You sketch it and Cocreator creates it

Draft of an invitation being created for a photo gallery using Cocreator on XPS 13

XPS 13

Game-changing performance with Snapdragon® X Elite
Exceptional battery life
Thinnest and lightest XPS (14.80 mm, 1.17 kg)
Sleek, iconic design

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Accelerate your productivity and creativity with
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an image of granules pouring onto a mound of sand
Travel documents related to Mexico

What’s Lost Is Always Found

Whether you’re on the hunt for that perfect picture from your Mexican getaway or last year’s finance presentation, Recall quickly retrieves any files you need with its advanced on-device search.

Engage With Your Audiences

No need for worrying distractions, or sound-proof rooms. Studio Effects automatically cancels noises and improves lighting during your podcast recordings, you can now focus on delivering content.