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    • Trust Oracle backup to Dell Technologies

    • Oracle databases are business-critical assets for many enterprises today, which means Oracle backup and recovery technology is also essential. Oracle databases are growing at an unprecedented rate and data is being retained for longer periods, creating a virtual tsunami of Oracle data that needs protection. Yet rather than increasing with the growth of data, backup windows remain static or are shrinking, requiring IT teams to find Oracle backup solutions that can help prevent bottlenecks while ensuring superior data protection.

      Dell Data Protection technology provides a solution: best-of-breed data protection appliances and software that can drastically accelerate backup speed, reduce network bandwidth requirements, reduce CPU utilization and minimize storage footprints.

    • Discover PowerProtect Data Manager

      PowerProtect Data Manager provides software-defined data protection, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.

    • The challenges of Oracle backup and recovery

    • Oracle backup presents a number of challenges to database administrators seeking to protect Oracle data from potential loss or corruption.

      • Oracle data recovery can be complex, requiring coordination with other IT groups and legacy backup infrastructures.
      • Meeting RPOs and RTOs can be difficult when organizations depend on tape-based strategies. When data is stored off-site, there are inevitable yet unacceptable delays in retrieving media and recovering data from tape.
      • The cost of storage infrastructure continues to rise as Oracle databases grow. Frequently, the pressure to contain costs results in data being retired before short-term retention policies expire.

    • Oracle backup and recovery solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Dell intelligent data management technology overcomes the challenges of Oracle backup and recovery by making it easy and cost-effective to use superior disk-based practices for Oracle data protection. With Dell, IT administrators get a high-performing, self-service data protection solution for Oracle backup that delivers on SLO requirements through IT governance and automation.

      Dell Oracle backup technology provides:

      • Advanced deduplication. Reduce the amount of disk space required to store backups, making disk a cost-effective alternative to tape for Oracle backup.
      • Greater network efficiency. By backing up only unique compressed data across the network, Dell Oracle backup technology lowers network bandwidth requirements, time and costs.
      • Faster backups. Oracle backup solutions from Dell accelerate backup times, reduce backup times for virtualized Oracle databases, and speed recovery dramatically.
      • Complete control. Database administrators have complete control of Oracle backup and disaster recovery operations.
      • Reduced CPU utilization. Dell Oracle backup technology sends less data, reducing the impact on Oracle servers significantly.
      • Easier management. With Dell, Oracle database administrators take advantage of self-service backup and recovery and spend far less time managing backups.

    • Top reasons to choose Dell Oracle backup

    • Why choose Dell for Oracle backup?

      DBA empowerment
      Dell Technologies empowers database administrators to protect their data using native tools while eliminating the complexity of traditional backup software.

      SLO performance
      With Dell, IT teams can meet stringent protection SLOs for mission-critical Oracle databases by backing up directly from the application server, primary storage or VMware. Direct data paths offer significantly faster backup than traditional solutions.

      Greater efficiency
      The Dell application direct data path reduces protection infrastructure and performs client-side deduplication, reducing the amount of data sent through the application. Dell Storage Direct performs backup directly to a PowerProtect DD series appliance from Dell primary storage to avoid impact on the database.

      Peace of mind
      Dell helps ensure that Oracle backup routines meet business requirements, even in a self-service environment.

      Automated processes
      With Dell, IT teams can streamline protection and defend against human error. Dell provides automatic discovery of databases, storage and copies, and automates protection plans and provisioning of PowerProtect DD series appliances.

    • Calculate your cost-to-protect for Oracle backup

    • When feeling the pressure to stay ahead of competition while minimizing expenses, reducing your cost-to­-protect (CTP) can help. By determining your CTP and choosing more cost-efficient Oracle backup solutions, you can reduce operational and capital costs while solving data protection challenges.

      Our Dell Technologies cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator determines your cost-to-protect, which is the expense for protecting your data on a monthly basis. The projected calculation takes into account your gigabytes stored, cost of your data protection solution, months supported by purchase, and more.

    • FAQs on Oracle backup

    • What is Oracle?
      Oracle is a relational database management system that powers many business IT environments.

      What is Oracle backup and recovery?
      Oracle backup is the task of copying data from an Oracle database to another storage site to protect against loss, corruption, compromise and theft. Oracle recovery is the task of restoring data from backup.

      Does Dell provide Oracle backup for virtualized environments?
      Yes. Dell enables IT organizations to protect Oracle data on virtual machines with fast Oracle backup and VMware recovery.

      Does Dell enable cloud backup of Oracle databases?
      Yes. Dell makes it easy to back up servers to cloud storage for disaster recovery or long-term retention. Dell solutions for Oracle cloud backup provide greater resiliency, scalability and cloud data security to enable digital transformations to the cloud.

      Does Dell protect data in other applications such as Microsoft SQL, SAP or IBM software?
      Yes. Dell provides superior SAP, IBM and Microsoft SQL backup software and hardware.

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