DDOS 7.9 and Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances

Drive down management complexities while increasing storage efficiencies.

At Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, this past May, we pre-announced new capabilities coming to DD series appliances. Today, we are happy to announce the general availability of DDOS 7.9 for PowerProtect DD series appliances. DDOS 7.9 is our second OS release of the year and delivers Smart Scale, an innovative new feature for PowerProtect appliances. DDOS 7.9 also includes enhancements to our software-defined appliance, PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition, for in-cloud deployments. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new with DD series appliances.

Smart Scale for PowerProtect Appliances

We are all aware of the exponential growth in data occurring every day and it’s not slowing down. It’s no longer just a matter of storing this data but protecting it as well. The challenge with protecting all this data is further complicated by increased risks from cyberattacks such as ransomware, ongoing budget pressure, more workloads and the need to meet ever increasing service levels with fewer IT resources.

These challenges are underpinned by the fact that organizations must often manage multiple data centers and cloud environments, add, upgrade and retire protection storage infrastructure, accommodate new evolving applications and optimize capacity and performance. These are not easy tasks, but Dell Technologies is helping organizations overcome them.

Smart Scale is the latest innovation for PowerProtect appliances, which enables pooling of multiple DD series appliances, providing up to 48PB of usable capacity and >3EB of logical capacity with typical deduplication rates configured under a single namespace. You will be able to optimize protection storage with non-disruptive data mobility to guide placement of workloads, perform migrations with automatic client redirection and gain valuable capacity insights and recommendations across the environment to project capacity utilization.

Changes in your IT environment no longer equate to manual recalibration of storage pools. Onboarding or decommissioning new appliances is accomplished seamlessly by moving Mobile Storage Units (MSUs) around in a given pool. The same holds true for applications. As specific applications become more important and require longer retention times, Smart Scale allows you to move that backup set to another appliance in the pool that has more available capacity.

Smart Scale for PowerProtect appliances is delivered through the multi-system management console, PowerProtect DD Management Center, at no additional cost.

Smart Scale currently supports the DD9900, DD9400, and DD6900 appliances. Smart Scale integrates with the following backup applications; Dell PowerProtect Data Manager and Dell NetWorker as well as third party backup software.

Extending PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition Cloud Support

PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition (DDVE) is Dell’s software-defined version of PowerProtect DD series appliances that can be deployed on-premises or in-cloud. DDVE is a great option for extending data protection to the cloud for long term retention, replication, and protecting cloud native applications. Today, DDVE supports in-cloud deployments for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and both AWS and Azure Gov Clouds. DDVE can be deployed directly from any of the major hyper-scaler marketplaces.

With this DDOS release we are happy to announce that DDVE now supports Alibaba cloud. DDVE can run in the Alibaba cloud in instances up to 96TB.

Next Steps

Smart Scale is now generally available. We encourage you to speak with your Dell account or partner representative about this free, innovative feature for PowerProtect appliances. Check out the latest Jake and Emmy series video above, in which they break the latest and greatest news on what is new with the Dell Data Protection portfolio. For more information on Smart Scale, read the ESG First Look Report, which describes the key benefits from an analyst perspective.

About the Author: David Tye

David is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area with a passion for technology. Upon graduating from a local university, David was hired on to the Dell Technologies Marketing team full-time. Over the past few years, David’s focus has been on a variety of data protection products and services. Outside of work, David enjoys spending time in the outdoors and watching sports.