Expand your network and grow your business

    Connect with industry peers in the Village — share ideas and gain new perspectives.


    Talk about your interests in the Braindate Lounge

    Engage in conversations with industry peers in the Braindate Lounge. It’s a dedicated space to connect with like-minded attendees, gather diverse perspectives and together learn how to apply AI to your business and life.

    • What Is Braindate?

      Join your peers and evolve your ideas to innovation, together

      Peer-to-peer conversations flow in the Braindate Lounge. Whether you are an AI novice or expert, lean into the experience and expertise of your fellow attendees in one-on-one chats or group discussions on the topics that interest you the most.

      Watch this video for more about what to expect during your Braindate.


      A real meeting of the minds

      A Braindate is the easiest way to find people with similar tech curiosities and personal interests or who share your newfound passion for AI, so you can make new connections and have deeper conversations. Braindates will give you the opportunity to:

      • Connect with fellow attendees through 1:1 chats or group discussions
      • Explore topics that interest you or create your own
      • Build your professional network
      • Be a thought leader on the topics of your choosing
      • Gather new perspectives on your unique questions
      • Learn more effectively

      Reconnect in the Alumni Lounge

      We’re welcoming you back to Dell Technologies World with an exclusive networking space in the Village as well as special perks, opportunities and recognition for returning attendees.