• SAP Backup

    • Protect critical data with SAP backup solutions

    • Enterprises the world over rely on SAP software for enterprise resource planning and data management functions, making SAP backup a mission-critical task.

      IT teams charged with management of SAP backup and recovery face an uphill battle when it comes to managing backup efficiently and cost-effectively. Just as data in every aspect of the organization continues to grow exponentially, the expanding volume of data in SAP databases makes SAP backup more costly and time-consuming than ever, and stringent protection Service Level Objectives (SLOs) add additional pressure.

      Consequently, more companies consider enabling SAP database admins (DBAs) to manage their own data backup operations, but they understandably have concerns about the ability to effectively enforce compliance with industry regulation and corporate data retention policies.

      Dell, a global leader in data protection solutions, provides powerful SAP backup technology that puts control into the hands of DBAs while ensuring compliance through automation and minimizing the cost and complexity of data protection for SAP environments.

    • Data Replication and Recovery with Data Protection Suite

      Data Protection Suite is a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution for organizations of all types and sizes.

    • The challenge of SAP backup

    • SAP backup presents a number of challenges for organizations that rely heavily on this powerful software solution.

      Expanding data volumes

      As the volume of data in SAP databases continues to grow, the cost and complexity of SAP backup increases as well.

      Strict SLOs

      Growing data volumes can take longer to back up, yet SLOs on application performance prohibit expansion of backup windows.

      Changing regulatory requirements

      Regulatory frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR are constantly evolving, complicating the use of data as well as backup and recovery operations.

      Complex IT environments

      SAP data today may reside in a number of places, including on-premises servers and public, private or hybrid cloud storage sites.

      Rising costs

      As SAP data volumes grow, so does the cost of data storage, WAN bandwidth and the time and staff resources required to manage SAP backup.

    • SAP backup solutions from Dell

    • Dell provides industry-leading software and appliances for SAP backup and recovery. With Dell, organizations can support SAP mission-critical workloads with self-service solutions that leverage direct data paths and eliminate the need for expensive enterprise backup software. 

      SAP backup solutions from Dell include Data Protection Suite, a powerful software solution, and PowerProtect DD, a highly scalable, reliable and cloud-enabled backup appliance.

      With Dell intelligent data systems for SAP backup, IT teams can:

      • Meet stringent protection SLOs by backing up directly from the application server or primary storage to PowerProtect DD appliances. 

      • Reduce storage utilization and network bandwidth dramatically by using direct data paths and sending over only unique data blocks. 

      • Achieve deduplication rates to accelerate SAP backup and reduce primary backup storage costs.

      • Speed recovery significantly compared to traditional approaches. 

      • Simplify recovery – copies are stored as full backups and only changed data is recovered. 

      • Enable granular recovery by giving DBAs instant access to their SAP backup sets.

    • The four top reasons to choose Dell for SAP backup

    • These critical advantages encourage enterprises around the world to choose Dell for SAP backup.

      Empowering DBAs. Dell enables SAP admins to perform their own SAP backup and recovery using native tools. Eliminating the complexity of traditional backup, Dell adds simplicity and efficiency to the SAP backup process by integrating SAP HANA and BR*Tools with Dell technology.

      Meeting stringent SLOs. By enabling SAP backup directly from the application server, primary storage or VMware, Dell makes it easy to meet strict protection SLOs for mission-critical databases. Direct data paths can speed SAP backup and recovery significantly over traditional solutions.

      Increasing efficiency. The Dell application Ddrect data path limits the amount of data sent through the SAP application by performing client-side deduplication and reducing protection infrastructure. The Storage Direct data path avoids impact on the application to enable superior performance, backing up directly to a PowerProtect DD appliance from primary storage.

      Improving performance. SAP backup technology reduces storage requirements significantly and enables high deduplication. Fault detection and self-healing capabilities help keep data correct, and invulnerability architecture verifies data in-line to keep it protected.

    • Determine your cost-to-protect with SAP backup technology

    • The pressure to contain costs is felt by IT departments in every organization. The cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator can help you determine your CTP – the first step in making informed decisions about your SAP backup solution and in reducing operational and capital costs.

      Our cost-to-protect (CTP) calculator determines cost-to-protect (the monthly expense for protecting data) with criteria that include the amount of data to protect, the cost of your data protection solution, the months covered by purchase, and other information.

    • FAQs on SAP backup

    • What is SAP?

      SAP is an enterprise resource planning software company that provides industry-leading applications for tracking customer and business interactions. Its flagship product is SAP ERP.

      What is SAP HANA?

      SAP HANA is an in-memory, relational database that is optimized for transactional and analytical processing. 

      What is SAP backup?

      SAP backup is the task of copying data from SAP applications to secondary storage sites on premises or in the cloud in order to protect data from loss, corruption, compromise and theft.

      Can Dell perform SAP backup to cloud storage?

      Yes. Dell Data Protection solutions simplify cloud data management with backup to the public cloud.

      Does Dell enable SAP backup for virtualized environments?

      Yes. Dell offers automated solutions for VMware backup and recovery that provide comprehensive coverage for virtualized environments.

      Does Dell offer data protection for Microsoft, IBM and Oracle databases?

      Yes. Dell provides industry-leading solutions for IBM, Oracle and Microsoft SQL backup software and appliances.

    • Back up Data with Integrated Data Protection Appliance

      Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA) offers complete data backup, replication, and recovery, all in one.

    • Back up and Recover Data with PowerProtect DD Series

      Leverage scalable, high-speed and cloud-enabled data protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

    • Discover PowerProtect Software

      PowerProtect Software offers data management, data protection, deduplication and self-service backup and recovery.