Loading Ubuntu on Systems Using PCIe M2 Drives

Loading Ubuntu on Systems Using PCIe M2 Drives

This article provides information on "Loading Ubuntu on Systems Using PCIe M2 Drives".

Hard Drive Not Seen

When booting to the Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04 media on a system that only has a PCIe based m2 drive, you may see that the Installer cannot locate a hard drive (the installer usually only looks for /dev/sdx by default).


Note: Users should go to the system BIOS (F2 on boot up) and change the SATA setting to AHCI. Should the drive still not be seen after this change. Users should then follow the instructions below.

Add the following kernel argument at boot time:

  • Press 12 when you see the keyboard prompt:

  • Press Enter to select Language.
  • Press F6.
  • Press Esc.
  • Modify the boot option to add "nvme_load=YES" and remove "quiet splash ---"


    Press Enter.

You will now see the nvme drive available in the installer:

  • Controller: Nvme0
  • Port: N1
  • Partition: Px

http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/cosmic/man4/nvme.4freebsd.html External Link

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