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Article Number: 000133594

Dropped packets seen in performance counters for Qlogic adapters in a SET switch

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When the two QL41262 ports are added to a windows SET Switch and traffic is going towards to the Qlogic teamed port connected to that SET Switch we will see a high number of Dropped packets by the SET Switch in performance counters and both two Qlogic teamed adapters (part of that SET switch). Hyper-V Virtual Switch counters shows "dropped Packets Incoming/sec" , similar amount that Packets Received or Sent. On the other hand, "Hyper-V Virtual network adapter" performance counters show exactly the same number of dropped packets but for outgoing, while vSwitch was showing for incoming traffic.


Impact and Resolution

This is a cosmetic issue and does not have any impact on performance of the workload or cluster functionality. Do not enable SRIOV to work around it.  SRIOV is not validated with Dell EMC Solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI and support for deployments with SR-IOV is only on a best effort basis.

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Affected Product

Storage Spaces Direct R440 Ready Node, Storage Spaces Direct R640 Ready Node, Storage Spaces Direct R740xd Ready Node, Storage Spaces Direct R740xd2 Ready node

Last Published Date

21 Feb 2021



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